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Delivering for America Oversight Strategy

The OIG is committed to assessing the service, financial, sustainability, and labor impacts of network changes related to the Postal Service’s 10-year Delivering for America (DFA) plan.

Delivering for America Oversight Strategy Infographic


In March 2021, the Postal Service announced the DFA, outlining significant changes to many aspects of its operations. These changes include redesigned processing, transportation, and delivery networks, and more than $40 billion in increased investments between fiscal years (FYs) 2021 and 2030. As such, oversight of DFA initiatives is a big focus of our work.

Our Work

The chart above highlights our recurring areas of focus around DFA oversight. We are assessing Postal Service network changes and whether those changes streamline delivery and reduce transportation costs, as planned in the DFA. We are examining how these changes impact Postal Service finances, its workforce, and the roll out of an electric vehicle fleet, all with a continued focus on how these many changes effect service to America.

Here are few of our recent audits on our DFA oversight work:

See below for lists of our completed DFA work and ongoing DFA projects.


Project Title Project Start Date Project Number
Security and Efficiency of the New Carrier Scanners and Electronic Locks 24-089
Fleet Modernization: Delivery Vehicle Acquisition Status 24-051
Measuring Performance of Sorting and Delivery Centers 24-040
Effectiveness of the New Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Atlanta, GA 24-074
Effectiveness of the New Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Portland, OR 24-071
Service Optimization: Post Office Boxes 24-017
Invoice and Payment Processes for Inflation Reduction Act Funds 24-042
Fleet Modernization – Electric Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure Incentives 24-038
Network Modernization: Role of the Postmaster 24-025
Service Performance During the FY 2024 Peak Mailing Season 24-050
Service Performance of the New Sorting and Delivery Center in Binghamton, NY 24-069
State of the U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Condition 23-167
Planning and Deployment of the Matrix Regional Sorter 24-049
Effectiveness of Package Shipping Services 24-013
Sorting and Delivery Center Impacts to Transportation Schedules—Florida 1 District 23-171
Election Mail Readiness for the 2024 General Election 24-016
Accuracy of Reported Service Performance 23-168