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Service Performance

About Service Performance

The Postal Service’s ability to provide acceptable service is an ongoing concern across the United States. The Office of Inspector General reviews service performance and makes recommendations on where and how the USPS can improve. Our work encompasses nationwide performance, as well as specific areas of particular concern.


It is critical that service performance be properly tracked, measured and reported transparently. To that end, we will continue to update this page with our most recent service reports and data to track the Postal Service’s progress in this area.

This dashboard includes fiscal quarter scores for the last five years. Please see FAQs below or click here for more information regarding this dashboard.


Project Title Project Start Date Project Number
Mail Theft Mitigation and Response - Queens, NY 24-037
Postal Service Vehicle Service Operators 24-093
Mail Theft Mitigation and Response- San Francisco, CA 24-099
Mail Theft Mitigation and Response- Chicago, IL 24-100
Florida 1 District: Delivery Operations 24-085
Mitigating Internal Mail Theft 24-076
Maryland District: Delivery Operations -- Washington DC 24-065
Minnesota - North Dakota District Delivery Operations Review 24-032
Westside Station in Tallahassee, FL: Delivery Operations 24-085-3
Efficiency of Operations at the Tallahassee Processing and Distribution Facility, Tallahassee, FL 24-084
Leon Station in Tallahassee, FL: Delivery Operations 24-085-2
Lake Jackson Station, Tallahassee, FL: Delivery Operations 24-085-1
Effectiveness of the New Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Atlanta, GA 24-074
Effectiveness of the New Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Portland, OR 24-071
Service Performance During the FY 2024 Peak Mailing Season 24-050
Service Performance of the New Sorting and Delivery Center in Binghamton, NY 24-069
Planning and Deployment of the Matrix Regional Sorter 24-049
U.S. Postal Service Emergency Preparedness: Hurricane Ian 24-041
Evaluation of Freight Auction 23-162
Election Mail Readiness for the 2024 General Election 24-016
Service Performance of the New Sorting and Delivery Center in Everett, WA 24-023
Accuracy of Reported Service Performance 23-168

Districts (territories) in green mean they are meeting or exceeding the on-time target. Districts in blue mean they are below the on-time target.

A service standard is the stated delivery performance goal for a mail class. A service standard reflects the number of days after acceptance a mail piece can be expected for delivery.

Select a mail class from the drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard. The “Mail Class” description is on the right side of the dashboard.

The USPS reported scores for 67 geographical districts through Q4 FY2020, then for 12 geographical divisions that replaced the 67 districts for Q1 FY2021, back to 67 districts for Q2 FY2021. Soon, the USPS will report scores based on the new geographical structure of 50-districts. Each set of geographical configurations encompasses different territories.

The boundaries represent the USPS’s regional districts, except for Q1 FY 2021, when the USPS reported its service performance data as larger regional divisions.

No, because the USPS doesn’t report scores for Periodicals at the district level.

The dashboard includes four mail classes: First-Class Single-Piece, First-Class Presort, Marketing, and Packages.

FY 2023 (Current) – Period represents current service targets. The Postal Service implemented new service performance targets for First Class, Periodicals, and Marketing Mail.

FY 2022 (Service Standard change) – The Postal Service implemented new Service Standards and changed the targets for First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and Marketing mail on October 1, 2021.

FY 2021 (COVID Period) – Period represents targets the USPS Board of Governors approved on May 6, 2021, these service targets account for the impacts of COVID-19 on service.

FY 2018 to Q2 FY 2020 (Pre-COVID) – Period represents service targets before COVID-19.

The dashboard includes scores for fiscal quarters for the last five years.

The update information is at the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

The PRC publishes the quarterly service scores on its website four to six weeks after a fiscal quarter ends. The service performance dashboard is then updated one to two weeks after the PRC publishes the scores. Currently, the dashboard update is a manual process; however, in the future, when USPS reports the service scores in the new 50-district format, we will work towards automating the dashboard data refreshes.

The USPS provides the quarterly service scores to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). The data powering the dashboard is taken from the PRC’s website.

Having a Problem with USPS Mail Delivery?

If you are having problems with day-to-day mail delivery and other USPS customer service related issues you may file a complaint online.

Additional information can also be found on the OIG Helpful Links.