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10/11/2022 The Value of the Postal Service’s Retail Network for Small Businesses White Papers RISC-WP-23-001 Cost & Pricing, Customer Service, Delivery / Mail Processing, Retail, Sales & Marketing
09/26/2022 Changes in Mail Mix: Implications for Carriers’ Physical Health White Papers RISC-WP-22-009 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/16/2022 Inflation and the U.S. Postal Service White Papers RISC-WP-22-008 Cost & Pricing
05/18/2022 The Postal Service’s Collection Point Management System White Papers RISC-WP-22-007 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/11/2022 The Role of the Postal Service in Identity Verification White Papers RISC-WP-22-006 Security, Technology
04/28/2022 Demographic Trends in Mail Access Changes and Service, 2016-2020 White Papers RISC-WP-22-005 Customer Service, Delivery / Mail Processing
04/19/2022 Trends in New Delivery Points White Papers RISC-WP-22-004 Delivery / Mail Processing
03/17/2022 Electric Delivery Vehicles and the Postal Service White Papers RISC-WP-22-003 Transportation / Vehicles
03/07/2022 The Truck Driver Shortage: Implications for the Postal Service White Papers RISC-WP-22-002 Transportation / Vehicles
10/08/2021 Views of the Postal Service As an Employer White Papers RISC-WP-22-001 Human Resources
09/21/2021 1-800-ASK-USPS: The Postal Service’s Interactive Voice Response System White Papers RISC-WP-21-010 Customer Service
09/17/2021 Improving Operational Efficiency Using Informed Visibility White Papers RISC-WP-21-009 Customer Service
09/02/2021 A Primer on Service Standards White Papers RISC-WP-21-008 Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
08/26/2021 Step into Tomorrow: The U.S. Postal Service and Emerging Technology White Papers RISC-WP-21-007 Technology
08/04/2021 How Institutions Change White Papers RISC-WP-21-006 Innovation, Retail, Sales & Marketing


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