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11/09/2017 Internal Controls Over Voyager Card Transactions ― Loch Raven Branch, Towson, MD Audit Reports FCS-FM-18-003 Finance
11/07/2017 U.S. Postal Service’s High-Risk Purchase Card Transactions Audit Reports FT-AR-18-001 Finance
11/07/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― San Juan, PR Audit Reports FCS-FM-18-002 Finance
11/03/2017 Internal Controls for Voyager Card Transactions & Reconciliation Process ― Southeast Austin, TX, Station Audit Reports FCS-FM-18-001 Finance
10/27/2017 Consolidation of Mail for Chicago and San Francisco Network Distribution Centers Audit Reports NL-AR-18-002 Transportation / Vehicles
10/27/2017 Package Delivery Scanning ― Nationwide Audit Reports DR-AR-18-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
10/18/2017 Accuracy of In-Office Cost System Data Audit Reports CP-AR-18-001 Cost & Pricing
10/17/2017 Network Operations Continuous Improvement Processes Audit Reports NO-AR-18-001 Facilities
10/10/2017 Highway Contract Route Contracting Practices and Conflicts of Interest Audit Reports NL-AR-18-001 Transportation / Vehicles
09/29/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― James Crews Station, Kansas City, MO Audit Reports FT-FM-17-034 Finance
09/27/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― Anderson, IN, Post Office Audit Reports FT-FM-17-033 Finance
09/25/2017 Software License Management Audit Reports IT-AR-17-008 Technology
09/25/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― Central Square Post Office, Cambridge, MA Audit Reports FT-FM-17-032 Finance
09/25/2017 Retail and Customer Service Operations in the Philadelphia Metropolitan District Audit Reports MS-AR-17-010 Retail, Sales & Marketing
09/22/2017 Internal Controls Over Stamp Stock Shipments ― William Penn Annex, Philadelphia, PA Audit Reports FT-FM-17-031 Finance


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