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Oversight of the USPS 10-Year Delivering America Plan

Guarding against fraud, waste, and abuse

Learn about the Office of Inspector General’s oversight strategy and work for the U.S. Postal Service’s Delivering for America plan.

Our Work

Spring FY 2024 SARC Cover

Spring 2024 Semiannual Report to Congress

Sending It Back Reverse Logistics Cover

Sending It Back: Reverse Logistics and the U.S. Postal Service

Puerto Rico District Delivery Operations Cover

Puerto Rico District Delivery Operations

Network Modernization Role of the Postmaster Cover

Network Modernization: The Changing Role of Postmasters

Mail Theft Mitigation and Response Queens NY Cover

Mail Theft Mitigation and Response - Queens, NY

WebMODS Cost Allocation Cover

Impact of Management Operating Data System on U.S. Postal Service Costing


U.S. Mailbox

Our Delivering for America Oversight Strategy

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Case HL Arkansas Lone Criminal 2024-05-22

Lone Criminal Act Carries Serious Consequences

Check out our latest Investigative Case Highlight
Public Service Recongnition Week 2024

Public Service of the Postal Service

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Focus On Pre-Career Turnover Rates

Pre-Career Employee Turnover and Retention

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Who We Are

With six government organizations bearing the term “postal” in their name, there’s bound to be some confusion! Our charge to guard the United States postal system against fraud, waste, and abuse is unique. In just over two minutes, this video captures our mission as we work to safeguard the integrity and efficiency of the nation’s postal system. Like, share, and follow for more!