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Upcoming Audit Work

Below is a list of some of our recently announced audit projects with the estimated release dates. If you have knowledge or experience related to any of these topics, we encourage you to get in touch with us via the link provided in the project description. Please note, the titles of these projects may change during the course of the audit and have a different name when the audit is issued.

Accuracy of Reported Service Performance Cover

Accuracy of Reported Service Performance

Project start date
Estimated release

The Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 required the Postal Service develop its own public, interactive, service performance dashboard that presents data on service performance, FY Targets, and average days to deliver. The Postal Service uses its internal measurement system, the Service Performance Measurement, to track service performance and populate the dashboard. The data used to measure service performance is collected and scanned at three key points:

  1. Collections/Acceptance - when mail enters the mail stream.
  2. Processing - when mail is processed. 
  3. Delivery - when mail is delivered. 

Our objective is to assess the accuracy and reliability of Postal Service’s reported service performance.