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Fill Your Stocking with Our Semiannual Summary

Date: 12/18/23 | Category: OIG

Every six months, like clockwork, we provide an update of our work to Congress and other postal stakeholders.

This report, called the Semiannual Report to Congress (or SARC), is chock full of goodies describing our work at the USPS OIG, including detailed statistics about our audits and investigations.

For our Fall 2023 SARC, we decided to try something new. Instead of just providing individual summaries of cases and reports, we’re offering a full spread examining five areas of focus critical to the Postal Service:


  • The Delivering for America plan
  • Service Performance
  • Labor Issues
  • Mail Theft
  • Narcotics

SARC Fall FY2023 Focus Area Art


You can read all about each topic in the main report or, if you prefer to fly through the contents like a sleigh dashes through snow, check out our new Interactive Summary.

There is one last present though! Our Fall SARC also includes a list of the Postal Service’s current management challenges. This is our assessment of the major issues facing the Postal Service.

What do you find the most useful part of the SARC? Let us know in the comments below.


We here at the OIG wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!