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Report of Investigation - Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Report of Investigation - Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

The United States Postal Service, Office of Inspector General (OIG), received a Congressional request dated August 7, 2020, regarding Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (DeJoy). Members of Congress requested the OIG examine, in part, DeJoy's compliance with ethics requirements. Specifically, the letter asked, "[c]onsidering that 'DeJoy and his wife, ... who is [President Trump's] nominee to be the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, own $30.1 million to $75.3 million in assets in Postal Service competitors or contractors, like UPS and the trucking company J.B. Hunt,' has DeJoy met all ethics requirements regarding disclosure, divestment, and recusal from decisions in which he may have a conflict?" (Exhibit 1 ).

The investigation revealed DeJoy met all applicable ethics requirements related to disclosure, recusal, and divestment upon entering the position of Postmaster General. The Special Inquiries Division (SID) reviewed documentation obtained from the Postal Service, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), and DeJoy's investment firms. SID additionally conducted interviews with Postal Service ethics officials, other Postal Service employees, and with staff from DeJoy's investment firms. SID also analyzed federal ethics regulations in consultation with the OIG's Office of General Counsel.