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Voyager Card Transactions - Acredale Station, Virginia Beach, VA


This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of Voyager Card Transactions – Acredale Station, Virginia Beach, VA (Project Number 21-241). The Acredale Station is in the Virginia District of the Atlantic Area. This audit was designed to provide U.S. Postal Service management with timely information on potential financial control risks at Postal Service locations.

Every Postal Service-owned vehicle is assigned a Voyager Fleet card (Voyager card) to pay for its commercially purchased fuel, oil, and routine maintenance. U.S. Bank operates the program and Voyager provides a weekly electronic transaction detail file of all Voyager card transactions to the Postal Service’s Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS) eFleet application. Postal Service site managers monitor Voyager card transactions in the FAMS eFleet application. FAMS provides a monthly Reconciliation Exception Report, capturing transactions categorized as “high-risk,” which may result from fraudulent activity. Each month the site manager ensures that driver receipts are reconciled in FAMS. The review is critical since the Postal Service automatically pays U.S. Bank weekly for all Voyager card charges.

Employees must use their unique personal identification number (PIN) in conjunction with the Voyager card. Site managers are responsible for electronically managing PINs, including creating, modifying, and terminating them in the Fleet Commander Online (FCO) system. They must also complete semiannual driver certifications to ensure the accuracy and completeness of employee PIN information.

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) uses data analytics to identify offices with potentially fraudulent Voyager card activity. The Acredale Station had 2,742 Voyager card transactions from January 1, 2021, through June 30, 2021, totaling $71,025, of which FAMS flagged 34 transactions as high risk and 91 transactions where the grade of fuel purchased exceeded what was

allowable by policy. In addition, 270 Voyager card purchases, valued at $6,436, were conducted by one employee’s PIN.

Report Recommendations

# Recommendation Status Value Management Response OIG Response USPS Proposed Resolution

Instruct management at Acredale Station responsible for managing Voyager cards Personal Identification Numbers to complete eFleet Card for Site Manager Training and Voyager Fleet Command Online Training.

Closed $0 Agree

Instruct management at Acredale Station to conduct semiannual driver certifications.

Closed $0 Agree

Reiterate to unit management at the Acredale Station the requirements for reconciling Voyager card transactions. Including researching reasons for exceptions and certifying that transactions are valid; obtaining receipts; recording vehicles numbers on all receipts; disputing unauthorized transactions as necessary; and notifying the OIG of potential fraud and misuse.

Closed $1,023 Agree

Reiterate to unit management at the Acredale Station the requirement to retain Voyager card documentation for two years, to include receipts and the reconciliation reports.

Closed $0 Agree

Instruct management at the Acredale Station to comply with procedures for managing and securing Voyager cards, including cancelling and replacing cards; and notify U.S. Bank of the 11 missing cards.

Closed $0 Agree