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    MDCS PCR Southern Maine Cover
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Audit Reports
Category: Service Performance, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Delivery / Mail Processing, Customer Service

Mail Delivery, Customer Service, and Property Conditions Review - Southern Maine Carrier Unit, Scarborough, ME


This interim report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of mail delivery, customer service, and property conditions at the Southern Maine Carrier Unit in Scarborough, ME, and responds to Representative Chellie Pingree’s interest in mail operations in the Portland, ME area. The Southern Maine Carrier Unit is in the Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont District of the Atlantic Area and services ZIP Codes 04074 and 04106. These ZIP Codes serve about 43,905 people in a predominantly urban area. This delivery unit has 29 city routes and 18 rural routes. We judgmentally selected the Southern Maine Carrier Unit based on the number of Customer 360 and Informed Delivery contacts associated with the unit, undelivered route information, and Stop-The- Clock scans performed at the unit.

Our objective was to evaluate mail delivery and customer service conditions at the Southern Maine Carrier Unit, in Scarborough, ME.