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Fiscal Year 2022 Officers’ Travel and Representation Expenses


The U.S. Postal Service has 50 authorized officer positions, including the postmaster general, deputy postmaster general, and all vice presidents. During FY 2022, the Postal Service had forty-seven active officers and one employee that participated in an accredited degree program. Officers filed 694 expense reimbursement requests totaling $769,789..

What We Did

Our objective was to determine whether Postal Service officers complied with policies and procedures regarding travel and representation expense reimbursements. We reviewed 15 reimbursement requests for each quarter totaling $156,956.

What We Found

Postal Service officers properly supported the travel and representation expense reimbursements we reviewed and complied with Postal Service policies and procedures. We identified minor documentation issues that we communicated to and resolved with Postal Service management.

We inquired about the taxable rental and travel reimbursements item we previously identified in our Fiscal Year 2021 Officers’ Travel and Representation Expenses report. Management advised that the limited-term contract employees’ rental reimbursements were no longer requested and documented through eTravel. Therefore, we tested travel expenses associated with these employees, but their rental reimbursements were not within our audit scope this fiscal year. We may follow-up on these expenses in the future as part of our ongoing oversight.


Based upon the audit results we did not make any recommendations.