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Audit Reports
Category: Retail, Sales & Marketing, Delivery / Mail Processing

Capping Report – Efficiency of Selected Processes at Select Retail Units, Massachusetts-Rhode Island District


This report presents a summary of the results of our self-initiated audits assessing the efficiency of selected processes at three selected retail units in the Massachusetts-Rhode Island (MA-RI) District. These retail units include Fort Point Station, Woburn Post Office, and Norwood Post Office in the MA-RI District of the Atlantic Area. We previously issued interim reports to district management for each of these retail units regarding the conditions we identified.   

Processing and Delivery Unit Reports

Report Title Date Report Type Category
Efficiency of Selected Processes - Fort Point Station, Boston, MA Audit Reports Finance, Facilities
Efficiency of Selected Processes - Woburn Main Post Office, Woburn, MA Audit Reports Finance, Facilities
Efficiency of Selected Processes – Norwood Post Office, Norwood, MA Audit Reports Finance, Facilities

Report Recommendations

# Recommendation Status Value Management Response OIG Response USPS Proposed Resolution

Reiterate to Fort Point, Woburn and Norwood offices, unit management and personnel the requirements to secure accountable items, properly manage cash and inventory, and conduct financial reviews.

Closed $0 Agree

Reiterate to Fort Point Station and Norwood Post Offices management and personnel, the policy prohibiting the sharing of Retail Systems Software passwords and direct unit management to require unit personnel to change compromised passwords

Closed $0 Agree

Reiterate to unit management at Fort Point Station the policy for handling nonmail items

Closed $0 Agree

reiterate the requirement for field unit managers at the Fort Point, Woburn, and Norwood Stations to review daily financial reports to verify transactions are accurate, properly witnessed, and supported.

Closed $12,210 Agree

Direct Woburn and Norwood Post Office unit management to instruct close- out personnel to follow procedures for timely completion of refunds

Closed $0 Agree

Reiterate to Fort Point Station, Woburn, and Norwood Post Office stations unit management the requirement to address employee tardiness and retain documentation supporting actions taken.

Closed $0 Agree

Direct Fort Point Station, Woburn, and Norwood Post Offices unit management to provide timekeeping training to their lead clerks and assign timekeeping duties to this employee

Closed $0 Agree

Provide Fort Point Station unit management employee separation training

Closed $0 Agree