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Have you ever wanted to contribute to or help develop the issues within an OIG audit? Or have you read an audit report and thought ‘I wish I had the opportunity to share my perspective and additional information with the auditors’? With the addition of the Audit Projects section to our website, now you can provide feedback while the audit is being conducted. The Audit Projects section allows you to review the overview of an audit, contribute information, and send documents during this crucial planning phase. In essence, you become an audit team member for the project! During this planning phase, the audit team learns about the subject, collects a broad range of data, contacts key experts and stakeholders, and develops the specific objectives of the audit. This is the phase when the audit team decides on the breadth and depth of the topic in the report. Input from stakeholders like you helps to ensure the audit report provides useful and relevant data and analyses, and contains relevant and realistic recommendations. To review our current audits in progress, go to our Audit Project Pages and select an audit. There you will find the overview of the audit, along with any current comments. If you would like to know when new audit projects begin, follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook. How do you feel about the OIG allowing the public to comment on audits? Please share your thoughts below and we invite you to visit the Audit Projects section of our website and comment on individual audit projects. This topic is hosted by the OIG's Field Financial-East audit team.


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Get back on track Federal Agents and go find the egocentric Mafia Don's within our organization instead of chasing fodder. The OIG, in it's current state of inability to procede with it's primary mission: Preventing Fraud, Waste, Crime, and Abuse. How many $$$ would we save by shaving off this ineffective branch of the Postal Service? Audits? Are you kidding me? You are sworn badge holding, gun and cuff carrying Federal Agents.. and you are told to do AUDITS??? Now you want us to blindly follow that diversionary tactic too? Shameful.

If need I would not mind participating in audits that have to do with Vehicle Maintenance Facilities..after 31 years with the Post Office, 27 years with the VMF, I believe that I can help in that area.

Apparently Guy does not know how Al Capone and Bruno Hauptmann were put away (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_J._Wilson) or what value Federal Auditors serve (www.GAO.gov). From their website, it’s pretty clear that all employees are not investigators and do entirely different work.

As a veteran of over 38 years as a USPS employee I could give you some site specific places to audit.

As a regular person with no background of working for the USPS, I believe that there are several things that the postal service could do to better compete with other shipping companies like UPS and Fedex. The lower prices offered by USPS are clearly not sufficient to get the majority of package delivery business.

BMEs nationwide have little to no knowledge of parcel barcoding (GS1-128 symbology). Thus they grant barcoded rate for millions of psvc & standard parcels that bear incorrect symbology, or barcoding not meeting USPS standards. Not only are the mailers benefitting by paying lower "barcoded" rates, the USPS is absorbing add'l costs for processing pcs with barcodes that do not meet minimum standards, thus unusable for automated sortation. If parcels are one of our greatest sources of revenue, there should be more focus on actual eligibility for barcoded rates paid by parcel mailers.

The retirees of July 31, 2009 experienced the Postal Sting of 2009! The PMG testified under oath in Congress that there would be No incentives for retirees, 25 days after 7/31 an incentive of $15K was offered to a select few! The Union agreed but stated negotiations began in June, and took union dues from us in June & July and then cut us out of the incentive! Over 2500 retirees were at loss believing the statements of the PMG, broke, no incentives! The betrayal and loss stung hard! Our service time was not rewarded! Isnt there an ethics code for this?

How about you audit all the incredible waste we are forced to participate in just to meet some arbitrary standard? Double back to deliver letters on OT that the customer either doesn't care about or even know is in the box because they already checked their mail that day? Take ALL the mail that day, even if we have to do it on OT, so we are delivering 3rd class mail on OT? All just to make some supervisors numbers look good?

I would be happy to give the OIG any help they need. I am a disabled retired PO employee who also worked as a Finance Supervisor in NJ. I transfered to the USVI in 2002. The things I saw in that office just amazed me. I haven't ever seen that type of Mgt., no regard for Postal SOP, the Vault hadn't been counted in over 10 years. I wrote many letters to Headquaters, and NY Metro and New Jersey whish is where we were run from. The treatment of employees and complete diregard for equal treatment in allowing Favorites to do nothing. I could go on and on but I have copies of everything I have written and Daily journals to document this along with a Lawsuit.

When visiting offices, why do postmasters always show up on exit interviews with branch supervisor or manager? because they tell us to hush, do not tell them alot, basically we do have internal problems but we can not talk about it. Are you really serious, then visit facilities and ask for volunteers, ask questions to clerks, carriers, supervisors, and managers, then you will realize what kind of environment we really work in.

There need to be an audit done of the "Blue Box Flat" process that has been implemented in the Philly Metro District, and to hold the district accountable for their waste.

Currently, we have to pull out the all of the stamped flats in our blue collection boxes and put them in a seperate tub for manual sortation. In addition to this, we have to make 4 SEPERATE REPORTS logging how many of these flats we dispatched everyday. (Isn't this in NON-COMPLIANCE with Pat Donahoe's MANDATE to reduce redundant logs?).

To compound the waste in this process, there are people dropping test pieces into our blue boxes just to make sure we are following this asinine process. With many offices being up to 50 miles from the district office, imagine how much is being spent on mileage just to drop off a couple of flats that should be automated in the first place?

The amount number of hours and money spent just for a negligible increase in the EXFC score-if there is any change at all. It is a perfect example of "spending a dollar to save a dime".

Your organization really needs to take a look into this, and to make the district change this process. There are thousands of dollars being wasted at a time that the PS can ill afford it.

Participation is like spitting in the wind. If you tried and it has not done anything but gotten you wet, why be insane?

I recently gave OIG information on falsifing clockings. They allowed the postmaster to resolve issue. Craft would have been fired. So, if you think being on audit team will matter think again!

you tried and it has not done anything but gotten you wet, why be insane?

Yes, I would like to participate in the audits to give a new perspective and provide feedback.

What would be the point? NONE of the OIG "audits" or the resulting recommendations are paid anything but lip service by Potter and and his crooked crew. It's a culture of number manipulation from the top levels to the workroom floor. If you think even the floor level supervisors want real, actual data then the OIG has their collective heads stuck in the sand and you have learned nothing - absolutely nothing- about the post office operations or culture.

Thank you all for your comments on this blog topic. We received 16 comments and over 170 votes. After reviewing some of the comments, we feel that it is necessary to point out that this agency also runs the hotline (http://www.uspsoig.gov/hotline.htm). If an employee cannot report misconduct because they fear a reprisal, then the hotline is a tool to report misconduct with confidentiality.

If you have an audit idea and do not see anything related here, please submit your idea to auditprojects@uspsoig.gov. Please check back for future blogs concerning our OIG audits and check out our ongoing audits at http://auditprojects.uspsoig.gov/.

Have you ever wanted to contribute to or help develop the issues within an OIG audit?

Unfortunately not possible for me :)

I think it is great that you are allowing people help with the audit information. This will be a great way to communicate, learn and improve.
Thank you and kind regards.

I would like an audit of my brp mail. I am not receiving it timely.