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Investigative Work

Investigations FY 2023 Summary of Performance


Our Narcotics Program detects, investigates, and deters narcotics offenses committed by USPS employees, whether acting independently or conspiring with external subjects.

These offenses include the use, sale, possession, and distribution of narcotics.

Narcotics Evidence

$88,000 seized during a narcotics investigation of a city letter carrier in West Virginia.

Internal Mail Theft

The overwhelming majority of USPS employees work conscientiously to deliver the nation’s mail.

Unfortunately, a small number of employees abuse the public’s trust by delaying or stealing the mail. OIG Special Agents work diligently to identify and investigate these crimes.

Mail Theft Evidence

Mail carrier dumps, deserts, and destroys over 1,500 pieces of mail in Alaska.

Contract Fraud

The Postal Service manages billions of dollars in contracts every year, and the sheer volume of contracts and the huge dollar value provide ample opportunities for contractors and employees to defraud the USPS.

The OIG’s Contract Fraud Investigations Division investigates allegations of contract fraud, waste, and misconduct, which can take different forms:

  • Collusion among contractors,
  • Bribes and kickbacks to Postal Service Employees,
  • Product substitution,
  • Cost mischarging, and
  • False claims.
Contract Fraud Evidence

Unauthorized merchandise at Uniform Vendor Store available for Postal Service employees to purchase with their Uniform Allowance Purchase Cards.

Financial Fraud

Embezzlement may involve USPS employees stealing money from cash drawers, using sophisticated schemes to manipulate postal money orders or money order funds, or falsifying financial retail records. When employees are responsible for missing postal funds, they are reported to management for appropriate administrative action. In cases that warrant prosecution, offenders not only face loss of job but also possible jail time and court-ordered restitution.

financial fraud evidence

Before items were even delivered, a company operating in Colorado made multiple false claims for alleged damage, submitting same photos for different claims.

Health Care Claimant Fraud

Health Care claimant fraud is committed by employees and former employees of the Postal Service to receive benefits from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation.

Typical fraud schemes investigated may include:

  • Filing false or fictitious work injuries,
  • Filing false travel reimbursements,
  • Making false statements to a treating physician, and
  • Working elsewhere while claiming total disability.

Health Care Provider Fraud

Health Care provider fraud is committed by physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, therapists, medical equipment companies that fraudulently bill for products or services.  

Typical schemes investigated involve:

  • Kickbacks: an exchange or offer of anything of value to induce or reward the referral of business,
  • Billing for services not rendered,
  • Double billing, and
  • Medically unnecessary services.

General Crimes

General crimes include:

  • Postal Service employees’ misuse of USPS computers,
  • Destruction or theft of USPS property,
  • Falsification of official documents and forgery,
  • Theft of funds,
  • Abuse of authority,
  • Sabotage of operations,
  • Narcotics use or sale of drugs while on duty, and
  • Alcohol abuse.

To report a crime involving a postal employee or contractor, submit a complaint online at: File an Online Complaint