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Where do I report problems with my mail?

USPS Mail Problems

While plenty of people bring their service issues to us here at the Postal Service Office of Inspector General, for the most part, the Postal Service is the appropriate agency to answer your questions or address your service concerns. Here is a list of some postal resources:

  • If you are not receiving mail, you first may want to check this list of common reasons for no mail delivery.
  • If you think your package or mail was lost or delayed, this Postal Service website has a list of steps you can follow.
  • Do you need to request door delivery because of a hardship or medical condition? USPS lists the steps here.
  • For other issues or more information, you can e-mail the Postal Service’s Customer Care Center at USPS® Customer Service or call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

When do you contact us? When you suspect your mail has been stolen or are aware of postal employees or contractors committing waste, fraud, or misconduct at the Postal Service, please report it to our Hotline.