The U.S. Postal Service owns over 8,400 facilities where it provides services, which includes maintaining proper ventilation and filtration in these facilities to ensure they are clean and safe. Ventilation and filtration are often provided by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in a facility. Industry standards recommend minimum ventilation rates and inspection and maintenance activities.

What We Did

Our objective was to assess Postal Service efforts to ensure proper ventilation and filtration in facilities and identify opportunities for improvement. For this audit, we statistically sampled 193 Postal Service-owned retail and delivery facilities with an interior size ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 square feet from a universe of 6,709 facilities.

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  • anon

    One of my offices, the PM had the owner turn off the dampers so he could save money. The only heat or AC that works properly is where he spends most of his day! We have a serious mold issues throughout the entire office. I have a certified lab result proving it is mold but the PM, Safety and UNION all denied it. So, what do you do???? Women custodians are not taken seriously at all...

    May 26, 2022
  • anon

    Our vents and diffuers are filthy. Dust everywhere

    Feb 27, 2022
  • anon

    46373 office has not had ANY maintenance done on filtration system in the 27 yrs I have worked here. The last year I have had breathing issues and thinking of no filters or clean out done on furnace/a/c seems about right. I have wondered if a clerk who has been employed for past 30 plus years here has lung issues now. The leaky ceiling doesnt help either. Someone did nail up filters on OUTSIDE of the vent inside our office, There is a smell of mold/leaky roof. We have ZERO janitors and ZERO maintenance people. The floors have never been mopped since the release of janitors This is a all-rural office. We have been sweeping cleaning our own areas out for OVER 5 yrs . We do not get paid for this and having to work in dirt is not right. There 2 women who cleaned our office everyday for over 18 yrs and then they were told that we could "no longer have janitors"]. The lobby is filthy and there are many people commenting on how dirty it is. I have NEVER heard of an office NOT having daily cleaning. The things that have been focused in last 5 yrs have been senseless and have def NOT helped our office look "professional". I was a restaurant manager with 60 people under me BEFORE I was a reg carrier 27 yrs ago. Sitting by and seeing some of the procedures focused on that have NOTHING TO DO WITH MAIL DELIVERY is insane. The errors from the plant has never been fixed. The HUGE INCREASE IN DAMAGED PARCELS is showing the public that "we just do not care", which is NOT NOT TRUE !! I am embarrassed every time that I have to leave a smashed parcel at a door and the reason it is smashed is because it was placed on the bottom of a pallet and 6 ft tall parcels on top and saran wrapped way too tight. When a clerk cuts the wrap, the parcels fall all over them and on the floor.

    Feb 09, 2022