The U.S. Postal Service uses the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) as the primary application to collect employee time and attendance data to capture the number of workhours employees spend working various Postal Service operations.
This was a follow-up to our Timecard Administration audit issued December 9, 2020. In the prior audit we identified issues with disallowed timecard adjustments, management oversight, time collection devices replacement strategies, and TACS control deficiencies. We recommended management reiterate disallowed time policy; establish a formal oversight process to ensure periodic reviews of supervisors’ documentation supporting disallowed timecard adjustments; resolve system deficiencies that allow supervisors to bypass completing the time disallowance record in TACS; and procure and test new, automated time collection devices.

What We Did
Our objective in this follow-up audit was to evaluate whether corrective actions the Postal Service took in response to recommendations in our December 2020 Timecard Administration report sufficiently addressed the issues identified.

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