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09/27/2013 USPS OIG Shutdown Plan to OMB News Releases
09/27/2013 Using U.S. Postal Service-Specific Assumptions for Calculating the Federal Employees Retirement System Liability Audit Reports FT-MA-13-024 Finance
09/27/2013 Using U.S. Postal Service-Specific Assumptions for Calculating the Retiree Health Care Liability Audit Reports FT-MA-13-022 Finance
09/26/2013 Assessment of Overall Plant Efficiency 2013 Audit Reports NO-MA-13-007 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/26/2013 Revenue Generation Patents Audit Reports HR-MA-13-004
09/25/2013 Surface Visibility – Transportation Operations – Oklahoma District Audit Reports NO-AR-13-007 Transportation / Vehicles
09/25/2013 Availability of Critical Applications Audit Reports IT-AR-13-008 Technology
09/25/2013 Noncompetitive Purchasing Practices Audit Reports SM-AR-13-004 Contracting
09/25/2013 Postal Service Warranty Process Audit Reports DP-AR-13-011 Strategy & Investments
09/24/2013 W.F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development Audit Reports HR-AR-13-007 Human Resources
09/24/2013 Engineering Systems and Network Operations Disaster Recovery Plan Audit Reports IT-AR-13-007 Technology
09/19/2013 Oral Statement on Outside the Box: Reforming and Renewing the Postal Service Part I Congressional Testimonies
09/18/2013 Postal Service Purchasing Policies' Impact on Defective Pricing Fraud Cases Audit Reports SM-MA-13-006 Cost & Pricing
09/17/2013 Shortpaid Postage – Information-Based Indicia Packages, Southern Area Audit Reports MS-AR-13-011 Cost & Pricing
09/12/2013 Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Employees Returned to Work Audit Reports HR-AR-13-006 Human Resources


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