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12/06/1999 Mail Processing Delays at the Louisville Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports TR-MA-00-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
12/03/1999 Cost and Benefit of the International Collection Program Audit Reports RG-MA-00-001 International Services
12/03/1999 Year 2000 Business Contingency and Continuity Planning: Plan Development and Testing Audit Reports TR-AR-00-001 Transportation / Vehicles
12/01/1999 Internal Controls at the Dulles, Virginia, International Records Unit Audit Reports FR-FA-00-008 Cost & Pricing
12/01/1999 Travel Advances Audit Reports FR-FA-00-005 Finance
12/01/1999 Capital Personal Property Audit Reports FR-FA-00-003 Finance
11/30/1999 Year 2000 Initiative:Mail Processing Equipment, Critical Suppliers, Embedded Chips, and Facilities Audit Reports IS-AR-00-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
11/23/1999 Sure Money Electronic Funds Transfer Service Expansion to Dominican Republic Audit Reports FR-LA-00-001 Finance
11/23/1999 Employee Separations Audit Reports FR-FA-00-001 Human Resources
11/23/1999 Back Pay Awards Audit Reports FR-FA-00-002 Finance
11/04/1999 Point of Service ONE - Vendor Solution Audit Reports DA-LA-00-001 Retail, Sales & Marketing
10/22/1999 United States Postal Service Suspension and Debarment Process Audit Reports FA-AR-00-001 Human Resources
10/21/1999 October 1999 Testimony (R) Audit Reports CL-TR-00-001 (R) Strategy & Investments
09/30/1999 Actions Against Postmasters Atlanta Dis Audit Reports LR-AR-99-012 Human Resources
09/30/1999 Removal of Underground Storage Tanks Audit Reports CA-AR-99-002 Facilities


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