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10/21/2020 Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Costs Audit Reports 19-009-R21 Cost & Pricing
10/28/2020 U.S. Postal Inspection Service Confidential Funds Program Audit Reports 20-179-R21 Finance
11/06/2020 Deployment of Operational Changes Audit Reports 21-014-R21 Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
11/16/2020 Opinion on the U.S. Postal Service's Fiscal Year 2020 Reclassified Financial Statements Audit Reports 20-269-R21 Finance
11/18/2020 U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Oversight of Mail Suspected of Containing Illicit Drugs at Postal Facilities Audit Reports 20-178-R21 Security
11/20/2020 Employee Safety – Postal Service COVID-19 Response Audit Reports 20-259-R21 Human Resources
12/04/2020 Assessment of the U.S. Postal Service’s Leased Trailers Audit Reports 20-234-R21 Transportation / Vehicles, Service Performance
12/09/2020 Timecard Administration Audit Reports 20-180-R21 Human Resources
12/10/2020 Property Condition Reviews – Annapolis, Columbia, and Legion Avenue Post Offices Audit Reports 20-320-R21 Facilities
12/14/2020 Delivery and Customer Service Operations – New Hampshire Audit Reports 20-205-R21 Customer Service, Service Performance
12/15/2020 Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Katy Carrier Annex, Katy, TX Audit Reports 20-299-R21 Customer Service, Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
12/21/2020 Projected Savings and Returns on Capital Investment Projects Audit Reports 20-194-R21 Cost & Pricing
12/23/2020 Management Alert - Active Smishing Campaign Masquerading as the U.S. Postal Service Audit Reports 21-018-R21 Security, Service Performance
12/29/2020 Accenture Information Technology Contracts Audit Reports 20-076-R21 Contracting
12/30/2020 Stamps, Money Orders, and Cash – Minneapolis, MN, Main Office Audit Reports 21-055-R21 Finance


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