Valuing the Mail

When people think of the Postal Service, people think of, well, letters, magazines, catalogs, and parcels. Over the past decade, the Postal Service has handled more and more parcels, but the volume of the remaining products, often called traditional mail, has declined.


Small Business: Big Business for the Postal Service

Increasingly, online shoppers are demanding faster shipping. Maybe you’re one of them. If so, then you’d probably like all e-tailers to oblige, regardless of size. But for small businesses to compete with larger competitors, they need help with quick and efficient logistics and fulfillment. That’s good news for the U.S. Postal Service.

Already an important segment of the Postal Service’s customer base, small businesses comprise an overwhelming majority of all businesses in the U.S., and their numbers have been growing, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mail on Rail

The thought of mail traveling by rail conjures up a picture of railway mail clerks sorting letters as a train rolls along into the night. Traditional railway mail service ended long ago, fading away as the use of passenger rail diminished and new methods of sorting mail by machine arose. The last run of a Railway Post Office was in 1977.



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