The Retail, Delivery & Marketing program area consists of three directorates: Delivery, Retail & Vehicle Operations and Sales, Marketing & International.

Delivery & Retail Operations Directorate

Delivery, retail and vehicle operations are critical core and support functions required to accomplish the U.S. Postal Service’s mission of binding the nation together through the delivery of mail and to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient postal services to all communities each day. This directorate conducts performance audits to evaluate and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of operations to identify and recommend improvements in policy, systems, and procedures to ensure these program areas achieve stated operational and financial goals.


Sales, Marketing & International Directorate

This directorate provides value to the U.S Postal Service and its stakeholders by auditing and reviewing data collection systems, operations, and services related to sales and customer relations, marketing, product innovation, global business, mail entry and payment technology, and corporate communications issues.


Field Operations

Given the increasing number of delivery points each year, larger package volumes in the mail stream, and a growing number of customer complaints, we are seeing significant risks in the areas of delivery, retail, and plant performance. Field Operations, with its four review teams, is designed to ensure our ability to quickly evaluate delivery and retail operations and provide meaningful results to Postal Service management and our stakeholders. Relying heavily on data analytics, and working in concert with the Office of Investigations and the Chief Data Office, the team will target high risk delivery, retail, and plant units based on a series of operational risk factors and trip wires. Completed in a short time period -- typically 55 days -- these audits will provide valuable results and actionable recommendations to the Postal Service.

Audit Directorates