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Audit Directorates

Field Operations

    Field Operations

    Field Operations Review Teams conduct localized/site specific audits related to the Postal Service’s processing, logistics, and delivery networks.

    The team completes a “cluster” of audits in one area and performs observations at multiple delivery units and a mail processing plant.

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    Financial Controls

    The Financial Controls Directorate assesses internal controls over selected financial processes and operations at USPS retail units.

    They conduct quick response audits using data analytics, risk models, tripwires, and other methods to identify financial anomalies.


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    Finance, Pricing, and Human Capital



    The Finance Directorate examines the efficiency and effectiveness of financial controls, financial reporting, cash management, liquidity, and other areas of financial risk to the Postal Service.

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    Cost and Pricing

    The Cost and Pricing Directorate audits and reviews data collection systems and processes used to develop costing, pricing, and service performance measurements. Our directorate helps to ensure these systems and processes meet the regulatory requirements imposed by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 for market dominant and competitive products.

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    Human Capital Management

    The Human Capital Management Directorate conducts audits of Postal Service human resources, security, government relations, and environmental sustainability programs.

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    Inspection Service, Technology and Services

    U.S. Postal Inspection Service

    The Inspection Service Directorate examines the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which is tasked with supporting and protecting the Postal Service and its employees, infrastructure, and customers. This directorate conducts performance audits and compliance reviews on a variety of topics, such as handling of narcotics, funds management, and case management and reporting.

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    Cybersecurity and Technology

    The Cybersecurity and Technology Directorate helps reduce the risk of fraud, inappropriate disclosure of sensitive data, and disruption of critical postal operations and services by assessing whether USPS information resources provide the highest level of security, reliability, and value expected by USPS customers.

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    Audit Services

    Audit Services provides guidance and support to the Office of Audit (OA).

    The Strategic Services and Development team is responsible for strategic initiatives that benefit all of OA and staff development. The Quantitative Analytics and Data team’s mission is to provide data analytics support and education to assist OA conduct objective and independent audits of the Postal Service’s programs and operations.

    Mission Operations

    Mission Operations is made up of the following three directorates:

    Network Processing

    The Network Processing team provides oversight on the efficiency and effectiveness of the over 300 USPS mail sorting facilities nationwide. Audits focus on cost, service, and large-scale network changes.

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    Delivery Operations

    The Delivery Operations team conducts various types of audits to evaluate and assess whether the USPS meets and executes its critical core functions effectively and efficiently to achieve on-time performance of last-mile delivery. It also uses data analytics and risk models to identify delivery functions at risk.


    The Transportation team develops important information on the Postal Service’s transportation networks and quickly shares it with decision makers. They examine the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and security of transporting mail on air, highway, rail, maritime, and international support networks.

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    Retail, Marketing and Supply Management


    The Retail Directorate conducts various types of audits and evaluations to assess the efficiency of the Postal Service’s retail activities and operations, including accepting mail and packages, providing counter service at Post Offices, or overseeing commercial outlets that sell stamps and services on behalf of USPS.

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    Sales, Marketing and International

    The Sales, Marketing and International Directorate audits and reviewing data collection systems, operations, and services related to sales and customer relations, marketing, product innovation, global business, mail entry and payment technology, and corporate communications issues.​​

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    Infrastructure and Supply Management

    The Infrastructure and Supply Management Directorate explores major Postal Service infrastructure and contracting efforts to determine if supply chain and facilities costs are being effectively and efficiently controlled by current purchasing policies, initiatives, and practices. To that end, the directorate issues audit and management advisory reports about purchasing, contracting, supply management, and facilities programs.

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