The Mission Operations program area consists of the Network Processing and the Transportation directorates.

Network Processing

The Network Processing Directorate’s mission to process mail in an efficient, low cost manner while processing this mail as expeditiously as possible in order to meet or beat service standards. This mission is accomplished through the use of state of the art automated and mechanized equipment  that will allow mail, to the fullest extent possible, be sorted in delivery point sequence. Our audit work focuses on answering the Office of Audit's “Really Big Questions” regarding cost and service. Network Processing has taken the really big questions and broken them down into manageable, definable issues on economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and service as it relates to the existing network. Network Processing conducts risk assessments and uses risk modeling to identify those plants and districts at risk. 



The Transportation Directorate’s mission is to develop important and relevant decision-making information on the Postal Service’s transportation networks, and quickly share that information with decision makers for their use. We accomplish our mission by examining the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and security of transporting mail on air, highway, rail, maritime, and international support networks. Our work involves performance auditing of operations, procurements, logistical support systems, and other programs costing the Postal Service more than $10 billion annually. Consistent with Mission Operations' mission and goals, we will continue to perform audits that help cut transportation costs and streamline operations; benchmark against other entities and use data to identify transportation risks or focus on issues; and assist the Postal Service in focusing on systemic, nationwide issues.


Audit Directorates