Our Mission

Ensuring efficiency, accountability, and integrity in the U.S. Postal Service.


What We Do

The OIG plays a key role in maintaining the integrity and accountability of America's postal service, its revenue and assets, and its employees. With approximately $73.1 billion in revenue, the Postal Service is at the core of a more than $1.4 trillion mailing industry that employs approximately 7.5 million people. The nearly 630,000 total employees of the Postal Service compose one of the largest civilian federal workforce in the country.

Delivering approximately 129 billion pieces of mail yearly to 161 million delivery points and operating more than 31,000 postal facilities, America's postal system is one of the government's most trusted entities. The USPS OIG, an independent agency within the Postal Service under the general supervision of nine presidentially appointed governors, employs more than 1,000 auditors, investigators, and professional support personnel stationed in more than 90 offices to meet the challenge of preserving this trust.