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This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of Voyager Card Transactions – Mesquite, TX Main Post Office (Project Number 18BFM029FCS000). The Mesquite Main Post Office is in the Dallas District of the Southern Area. This audit was designed to provide U.S. Postal Service management with timely information on potential financial control risks at Postal Service locations.

Every Postal Service-owned vehicle is assigned a Voyager card that is used to pay for its commercially purchased fuel, oil, and routine maintenance. U.S. Bank manages the Voyager Fleet Systems credit card program for the Postal Service. U.S. Bank is responsible for operating the program, and Voyager provides a weekly electronic transaction detail file of all Voyager card transactions to the Postal Service’s Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS)1 eFleet application.2 Each month, the Postal Service site manager is responsible for ensuring that their driver receipts are reconciled in FAMS. The review is critical since the Postal Service automatically pays U.S. Bank weekly for all Voyager card charges. Personnel involved in the Voyager card reconciliation process must complete the online eFleet Card for Site Manager Training. This training course provides instructions on how to manage and reconcile purchases made with the Voyager card. The site manager or designee performing the reconciliation must certify that due diligence has been exercised in the verification of the transactions and supporting documentation.

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) used data analytics to identify offices with potentially fraudulent Voyager card activity. The analytics identified the Mesquite, TX, Main Post Office had 104 fuel transactions totaling $9,827 at risk during the period of April through June 2018. We focused on high-risk Voyager card transactions for types of fuel purchased, time of day purchases were made, and transactions made outside of the Mesquite, TX service area. The unit had 1,669 Voyager card fuel transactions totaling $55,016 during the April through June 2018 period.

The objective of this audit was to determine whether Voyager card transactions were properly reconciled for detecting and disputing potentially fraudulent activity at the Mesquite Main Post Office. The scope of this audit included the Voyager card activity reconciliation process at the Mesquite Main Post Office from April through June 2018.

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  • anon

    It's disturbing (again) that management can claim ignorance and/or "haven't completed the training" for such a serious offense. It's just as serious as, a craft employee committing fraud with the Voyager Card. If caught, the craft employee would be held accountable and most likely, severely disciplined (or maybe not), but management is not held accountable to manage. This is one of the USPS' most critical and continuous failures, in my observation.

    Sep 28, 2018