Hearing before the Subcommittee on Government Operations, Committee on Oversight and Reform, United States House of Representatives. Statement of Melinda Perez, Acting Assistant Inspector General for Audit.

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  • anon

    Thank you Melinda Perez... You actually reported to Congress where USPS has failed and caused problems for customers... Specifically in your note # 5.. You state that not fully sorted mail was sent to post offices... Unless you were a carrier at one of those thousands of post offices you would not see this as a big deal...It Is... Put yourself in the shoes of a carrier and a clerk at a post office... One of the later trucks brings a bunch of mail which has to be sorted by the clerks by carrier. Then the carriers have to sort within their routes.. Anybody in the military knows what snafu and fubar mean... Carriers get out late-miss the last truck- pandemonium galore... And the plants march merrily on their way.. This has happens for years and continues but no one is held accountable... OIG reports constantly mention these fiascos but never delve into them. ... She does not report on the most egregious screwup... Late trucks... Every OIG report for at least the last 5 years on delivery operations note this as a problem... Nothing is ever done about it by OIG or USPS operations... So Congress people... Ask about these problems and what USPS can do to contructively solve these problems...But a real thank you to Melinda Perez for standing up... We appreciate you...

    Oct 15, 2021