The Office of Inspector General is tasked with ensuring efficiency, accountability, and integrity in the U.S. Postal Service. We also have the distinct mission of helping to maintain confidence in the mail and postal system, as well as to improve the Postal Service's bottom line. We use audits and investigations to help protect the integrity of the Postal Service. Our Semiannual Report to Congress presents a snapshot of the work we did to fulfill our mission for the six-month period ending March 31, 2021. Our dynamic report format provides readers with easy access to facts and information, as well as succinct summaries of the work by area. Links are provided to the full reports featured in this report, as well as to the appendices.


As we pass the one-year mark of the declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the challenges facing the U.S. Postal Service continue to rise, making our oversight more important than ever. Over the past six months, we audited multiple aspects of the Postal Service’s response to the early stages of the pandemic. We found that early in the pandemic, the Postal Service did a commendable job of delivering the mail, although it did not always effectively identify and prioritize medical packages. In addition, we found the Postal Service took important steps to ensure the safety of its employees, which likely resulted in lives saved.

We also conducted several audits on service performance. Starting in early summer, the Postal Service introduced various operational and organizational changes. We found, when deployed on top of employee absences due to COVID-19, these changes negatively impacted the quality and timeliness of mail delivery.

Election Mail was a significant area of focus for both our Office of Audit and Office of Investigations, further described in an Election Mail section of this report. We found the Postal Service successfully prioritized the processing of Election Mail during the November 2020 general election and the subsequent Georgia runoff election. Throughout all of our work, data analytics and innovative uses of technology played an increasingly important role, from helping agents identify areas of concern to allowing hundreds of employees to report daily Election Mail findings.

In addition to their work on Election Mail, our agents coordinated with the Postal Service, Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, and other partners to ensure the safe delivery of the second round of economic impact payments. In addition, our agents ramped up investigative efforts to combat and deter postal employees involved in drug trafficking. This includes the creation of four strike forces located in major metropolitan areas which are focusing on the abuse of the mail network in the delivery of illicit drugs.

This report, submitted pursuant to the Inspector General Act, outlines our work and activities for the six-month period ending March 31, 2021. During this period, we issued 53 audit reports, management advisories, and white papers, and the Postal Service accepted 92 percent of our recommendations. We completed 1,331 investigations that led to 531 arrests and more than $152.7 million in fines, restitutions, and recoveries, almost $30.2 million of which was returned to the Postal Service. I look forward to working with stakeholders as we address the challenges ahead as the Postal Service begins to implement its 10-year plan. I am proud of what we have accomplished during this period and am confident that our office will continue to play a key role in ensuring the integrity and accountability of America’s Postal Service, its revenues and assets, and its employees.

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  • anon

    Mail service has improved under PMG DeJoy. He inherited an antiquated and broken system with many inefficiencies not to mention the non-funded requirements imposed by Congress on the USPS. Continuing on the same path as his predecessors would have been the easy road to take, doing so would have been both disingenuous and dishonest. Over the last few years I have seen the USPS move to modernize their trucking fleet which benefits it's drivers and customers. I have seen the new SPSS, LCUS and USS processing machines installed in our plant, which benefits its employees and customers. Modernization at the local level continues as the parcel volume increases and the letter volume decreases. During the pandemic I witnessed both UPS, DHL and FedEx dump tons of their parcels on our docks as they were unable to handle the volume and turned to; you got it right! The USPS to deliver. Being such a large organization you are bond to hear horror stories but what company doesn't. It took us years to get to this point and we are not going to climb out of the inefficiencies unless we have a plan. So the 10 year plan may not be perfect so provide your input to Congress and the USPS. Complaining about past inefficiencies solves nothing. Flying mail? with all the canceled flights and labor shortages not to mention the pilot walk outs. Driving direct (my brother is a retired USPS truck driver) from plant to plant makes more sense and eliminates possible airport and flight delays. I started my career in 1980 as a city scheme clerk moved over to carrying mail for 10 years. I am currently a Bulk Mail Clerk (not management) and I have served as a Union Steward and have witnessed the improvements in our service accelerate over the past year. Electric vehicles (we already have a few) are on their way but if our finances are not in order we will be destined for failure. Write your Congressmen as our Unions have suggested and ask them remove the mandates for pre-funding of our pension plans. APWU is urging its members to contact Congress to pass the Postal Service Reform Act of 2021 (H.R. 3076) before end of year. Urgent Action: Urge Congress To Pass Postal Reform Before Year Ends Complaining is easy getting things done (delivered) is more difficult but it is what we do best! Yes, I am proud to be working for the USPS!

    Dec 07, 2021
  • anon

    Mail service in the US has become a complete joke. I mailed a package via Priority Mail from Houston TX to Fuquay Varina, NC on June 8 and it has not arrived in almost a month. This is not an outlier, this has become the norm. The postal service under Louis Dejoy is falling apart. People don't work, they don't do their jobs, the equipment is outdated and missing, the infrastructure is shoddy, the procedures are antiquated. When will our lawmakers do something about this? Our mail service is now akin to the service available in third world countries. The Inspector General needs to dig into the workforce of the USPS and find out why packages are being delayed so long. I could have ridden a bicycle from Houston TX to North Carolina and delivered the package myself by now. My sister is a contract delivery person for the postal service. According to her, the "service center" employees are sitting around doing nothing and not processing mail most of the time. She recently delivered a package that took more than two MONTHS to transit less than 200 miles.

    Jul 05, 2021
  • anon

    What is a "stakeholder"?

    Jun 09, 2021
  • anon

    ...more than $152.7 million in fines, restitutions, and recoveries, almost $30.2 million of which was returned to the Postal Service. So where does the other $122 million go?

    Jun 08, 2021
  • anon

    “Addicted to secrecy.” Yes. That brings your mission “integrity and accountability” into question.

    Jun 01, 2021
  • anon

    My husband and I are opposed to Louis DeJoy's 10-year plan, and we would like every change he has made during his tenure reversed. We support on-time delivery. We support using airplanes to get mail to its destination. We support vote by mail.

    May 25, 2021