The U.S. Postal Service’s International Service Center in San Francisco, CA (SFO ISC) houses select international and military mail processing functions and a retail unit. In April 2020, the lessor notified the Postal Service that they were discontinuing the facility lease and subsequent discussions about potential on-airport facility alternatives proved unsuccessful. As a result, the Postal Service decided to permanently relocate processing operations to local and regional facilities and temporarily suspend retail services, steering customers to nearby post offices pending a final Postal Service decision on the unit. This report responds to a September 2021 congressional request regarding closure of the SFO ISC.

What We Did

Our objective was to evaluate Postal Service communication and documentation related to the closure. We conducted site visits to the SFO ISC, reviewed documentation, and interviewed Postal Service officials and stakeholders.

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  • anon

    What I fail to understand is why the USPS did not have another facility prepared to fully take over operations. Considering they had 2 years to secure another location for the monumental amount of mail they process daily. They could have ensured a seamless transition but now (like how everything else seems to work in our government) it’s a complete mess. I have been tracking my package from New Zealand and the status hasn’t changed in weeks, “your item is being transported by airline to its overseas destination.” This has not changed since 5/25. I’m sure there are many others who desperately relied on the services of the SFO ISC and now due to the USPS incompetence will have to face the challenges of this disruption with their businesses, health, and all the other facets of life that the mail influences. Do better!!

    Jun 08, 2022
  • anon

    As a citizen and user of postal facilities in the US, this report is inadequate; it leaves out much more than it communicates. Just for starters and related to this report's missing relevant content, I would want to know and understand more background and potentially relevant events and players in this story: -Do we know why the SF Airport management gave notice to the post office to vacate? -Does the airport have need of this space for their own use? -Why is one tenant being vacated when it appears there are additional facilities and tenants on the airport site? -Was this non renewal of lease about raising the rent? -If so, was the issue as simple as paying higher leasing fees? -Was this non renewal of the lease about offering facility/access to a new tenant? -If so, was it a competitor? -If there was an option to remain at a higher lease rate, why was that not pursued? OR was that pursued, yet unsuccessful? -Reading between the lines, what was the reluctance or recalcitrance or non-responsiveness/non-cooperation of airport management - to renew/continue the lease in consideration that their tenant was the US Postal Service? -Where is the cost analysis, at this point in the process, between remaining in place and paying more, compared to the total costs of relocation, i.e. removal, diversion, personnel redeployment, new equipment purchase, elocation to alternate facilities, etc.? -Are the areas vacated by the post office currently in use? Leased? Repurposed? -If so, who is the current tenant? -Is the new tenant in any way related to the companies competing in the same areas of receiving, sorting and transporting of retail or commercial mail or packaging? Perhaps not all of information I would want to know would be included in an OIG report. Is there reporting elsewhere that can fill in some of the details? Sincerely, Cathy Mahon

    May 18, 2022