The U.S. Postal Service uses overtime to provide flexibility and meet its operational requirements. To aid in efficiently managing overtime, the Postal Service implemented the Overtime Administration System (OT Admin) – a web-based application intended to assist managers and supervisors in administering and tracking overtime for craft employees while ensuring consistency with appropriate collective bargaining agreements.

What We Did

Our objective was to assess whether OT Admin was achieving its intended goals to help managers and supervisors efficiently and consistently assign overtime. We reviewed overtime work hours and grievance payments from fiscal years (FY) 2019 through 2021. Our review included nationwide use of OT Admin by managers and supervisors who manage overtime hours for craft employees. We visited 12 judgmentally selected locations based on overtime grievance costs and OT Admin usage.

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USPS Audit Resolution- recommendations 1,2 ,3

OIG Response

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  • anon

    Just my comments and concerns my voices may not counting OTAdman overtime as employees what I see grievance are file causes they used a lot of employees off the list and not max the ot list then additional limited duty employees who claim they can't carry their rts get more overtime policies used to be no overtime for limited duties and if they didn't get hurt on the job they go home and used their lv but mgrs scratch their friends back they get more ot and lasting the clock in scanner supervisor and mgr don't need to do time period employees leave claim they forgot to clock out in case at my station they want you to mine your own busy I speak for me when it's wrong it's wrong I were sworn in when I came in to the usps and you will think your coworkers were too do what's right if you forgot to clock out you should only get pay for what the GPS tracking say what time you came back and put that scanner on the cradle if someone left example at 200pm and had a 2 hr cutoff mgr should not pay that person for 8 hr plus 2 overtime cause they claim they forgot to clock out usps need to strong track those scanner when a city carrier returns back to the station it may not be part of this but it's play a roles also employees like me who been asking mgr for a badge for 3 years I should not have to scan a piece of paper to activate my scanner it's a lot that goes on that oig cannot pick up its confusing and conflicts in our station we I get talk about like a dog causes you see too much thank you

    May 08, 2022
  • anon

    There's been a system in place for over 4 YEARS! It's called IVES, Informed Visibility Employee Scheduler. From what I've seen at the locations where I've worked, it is never used.

    May 06, 2022
  • anon

    As long as Supervisors cannot read a OTDL seniority list, there will be grievances on the improper assigning of overtime for Clerks and Mailhandlers at my Plant. Being a Supervisors friend will help you make more money also.

    May 03, 2022