The Postal Service considers mail to be delayed when it is not processed in time to meet the established delivery day. Delayed mail can adversely affect Postal Service customers and harm the organization’s brand.

To track mail conditions at processing facilities, the Postal Service launched the Mail Condition Visualization (MCV) system in January 2019. The system provides near real-time visibility of a facility’s on-hand volume, delayed processing volume, and delayed dispatch volume. Specifically, the MCV system calculates:

  • Late arriving containers – containers that arrived from another processing plant after the Critical Entry Time necessary to meet their delivery commitment for their class and shape.
  • Delayed inventory – mailpieces that have not received their next expected processing operation scan by 6:59 a.m. for destinating final processing operations and by 6:00 a.m. for all other operations.
  • Delayed dispatch containers – containers that have not received final dock (departure) scan more than 15 minutes after Dispatch of Value.

From January 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021, the Raleigh, NC, Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) reported 7,483 late arriving containers, about 1.44 billion pieces of delayed inventory, and 112,302 delayed dispatch containers. This site was selected based on the high number of delayed dispatch containers during this time period.

The Raleigh P&DC is in the South Atlantic Division of the Eastern Processing Region. The facility processes letters, flats, and packages for ZIP Codes throughout NC.

A portion of the audit scope and our site observations occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Postal Service experienced decreased employee availability and increased package volume during this time, which impacted operations nationwide.

Our objective was to evaluate mail conditions at the Raleigh, NC, P&DC.

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  • anon

    I was supposed to receive a package on May 2nd was marked for delivery from Amazon prime I seen on after ship app that shows me where it's at and the tracking number it has been sitting in the Raleigh distribution center and is still there it arrived on the 2nd and yet has to be delivered And I would Like an update please or can I drive there and pick it up because this is ridiculous, Can someone please give me an update on my package Or simply return it to the character to the sender and I'll get my money back.

    May 09, 2022
  • anon

    My package was tampered with and the contents missing sticker applied. Then the empty box was taped back up with priority tape. The tear in the box was not large enough for the item to have passed through which indicates that box was tampered with and item intentionally removed by someone at this facility. I have saved the box as evidence

    Jan 03, 2022
  • anon

    curious to see what really happens. Nothing will ever be done with the present managers in place. Time to make changes in the upper managers. Promises ,promises . Same thing been going on for years. 13 days to get a first class letter less than 600 miles. Please explain this to me. What has happened to the work SERVICE people used to get fired if mail was not delivered on time?

    Dec 26, 2021
  • anon

    Hello Attached please find photos of a very special and irreplaceable custom archery bow my daughter sent back to me. It was purchased from an Italian bowmaker by me 17 years ago and since then the bow maker has died and they are no longer in production. This model was made for only one year and are not found here in the US. I won 2 national archery championships with it so it means a lot to me. She mailed it from your location on November 23rd insured. When the package arrived here in Colorado and I went to sign for it, you can imagine my heartbreak to find a pink sticker on the box saying "contents missing". See photo. My daughter and I both have tried to file a claim online but it will not let us. I have been trying to find out where the pink sticker was put on the package as it clearly shows on the label the package weight when mailed. I wish to find my bow before it is sent to the facility in Georgia where they auction lost items off. The thought that could happen is devastating. No money can replace or purchase another one like it. Mt daughter went to ask someone at your facility if they might have found it and the woman immediately accused her of accusing her of stealing which was not true. My daughter never even mentioned she thought someone stole it, rather she was asking if they found it. To make a terrible situation worse the woman behind the counter then accused my daughter of being a racist and other names. I write this email with a broken heart and beg you to please see if any one along the delivery way might have found bow and turned it in. Please help me find my special bow. Thank you very much.

    Nov 27, 2021
  • anon

    page 4..Mail pieces jammed so Raleigh P & DC management dispatched the mail directly to the delivery units"... Now their problem becomes major problems at all of the delivery units they foisted their problem onto....#1-did OIG do a cost study on the additional expense and time wasted at the delivery units because P&DC couldn't do its job?....#2-if mail pieces jammed did anybody ask why?... Did the mail pieces follow design specs?.. Does USPS have a process to discover the answer?... Let me give you a little history...around 40 years ago I was asked by IBM as an outside vendor to design a specific mailer form for them... As part of my due diligence and not wanting to screw up I brought my design to USPS.. I had followed all USPS regs to the letter. I designed the form to the max size allowed by USPS... BUT...a smart and savy plant manager asked me to not go to the max size and change where I had glue lines.. He knew from experience there would be jams... He smiled and said he didn't want our mutual, very large customer to be unhappy... Right there on his desk we worked together to make sure my mailers flew through his machines... They did.... Which brings me to asking a simple question. Did plant management try to discover the cause of the jams and eliminate the problem...OIG never asked that question...

    Aug 15, 2021