The U.S. Postal Service considers mail to be delayed when it is not processed in time to meet the established delivery day or when it is processed but not on the dock in time for scheduled transportation to delivery units. Delayed mail can adversely affect Postal Service customers and harm the organization’s brand.

The Postal Service launched the new Mail Condition Visualization (MCV) system in January 2019. The system provides near real-time visibility of a facility’s on-hand volume, delayed processing volume, delayed dispatch volume, and oldest mail date by mail category and processing operation; and stores historical trailer information. The MCV system calculates:

  • Late arriving containers that arrived from another processing plant after the Critical Entry Time necessary to meet their delivery commitment for their class and shape.
  • Delayed inventory by day by determining which mailpieces have not received their next expected processing operation scan by 6:59 a.m. for destinating final processing operations and by 6:00 a.m. for all other operations.
  • Delayed dispatch to include containers that have not received final dock (departure) scan more than 15 minutes after Dispatch of Value and before 7:30 a.m. on the Management Operating Data System date following Dispatch of Value.

From January 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021, the Postal Service had over 13 million containers of delayed dispatch mail nationwide, as recorded in the MCV system. It also had over 2 million containers of late dispatch and 1.3 million containers of late arriving mail.

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  • anon

    My street, 4212 Snapdragon Drive, NW, Wilson, NC. Is not on GPS to get mail delivery. This street is a new housing development. Can someone please get the street numbers in the postal system so I can get my mail? Thank you.

    Sep 17, 2021
  • anon

    Again...2 problem areas and possible lost income and increased expenses fell through the cracks on this just like past audits... #1 page 6..."management is required to ensure that employees record and report marketing and periodical volume that receives a discount, but is not FSS compatible"...usps gives a discount but doesn't upcharge when product is incompatible with the FSS machine...that sounds like lost income to me... #2 page 9. management response "not run FSS compatible mail and sending it to the field as carrier routed volume"... again flushing plant problem downstream and causing expense and wasted time at post offices....These are serious dollar discrepancies which should be alerted by an audit... as an aside---it would be appreciated by folks who make comments if you would respond to our comments....It really appears that our comments just go down a black hole and are not appreciated... Thanks and have a good Labor Day Weekend...

    Aug 30, 2021
  • anon

    Hello Charlie, Thank you for your comment regarding our audit of the Mail Operations at the Mid Carolina, NC, Processing and Distribution Center. Our objective was to evaluate mail conditions at the facility. The two comments you provided are related to responses the Postal Service had regarding our findings. The Postal Service will provide corrective actions that we will review before closing the recommendations.

    Sep 03, 2021
  • anon

    I respectfully disagree. Your objective was to evaluate the mail conditions. That includes finding problem areas. I brought up two. You agreed that usps management responses must be met to close the file... I interject that these problems should have opened your eyes to investigate further and find the causes,. These were conditions for you to look at... I hope you will make usps management's corrective actions available here so we, the public, can see problems have been fixed... It would also be helpful for other sites of mail operations to read and make sure they are not making the same mistakes.. Thank you.

    Sep 18, 2021
  • anon

    My comments are still related to the length of time it’s taking to receive mail in a Timely manner. I’m still getting delayed mail . It should NOT take 9 days to receive a piece of mail mailed out on a Friday from Chicago to Nashville NC ! This is my money you are messing with. UNACCEPTABLE! And it’s getting worse NOT BETTER. Please do something!

    Aug 30, 2021