Inspection and Evaluation External Peer Review Final Report -- Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security

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  • anon

    Recently I mailed a priority package, it was packed well, it was clearly marked Fragile, it was mailed in a brand new priority box furnished by USPS. When the package arrived to my recipient, it was clearly damaged and in horrific condition. I was surprised USPS even delivered it in that condition. The handling of my package was not handled with care and the quality of service was substandard. To add insult to injury, I filed a claim with USPS and instead of giving me the full amount of my claim, they want to send me $50.00. The price one pays for Priority Packages is not cheap and I believe when you are paying extra for a service, the handling of those packages should be top notch. I am so disappointed that USPS did not take the responsibility of damaging the package before delivering to recipient. I sent pictures to the claims department pictures of the package which I received from my recipient even before package was even opened. The box was smashed in, punctured and had black scuff marks along the side. It almost looked like a forklift had ran into the side. I normally put insurance on my packages but somehow overlooked it, but to have this happen is somewhat inexcusable. It just shows that USPS would rather deliver a damaged package than to take responsibility for the incident. It made everyone look bad.

    Jan 15, 2021