Our objective was to determine whether travel, representation, and office expense reimbursements, requested by Postal Service officers during fiscal year (FY) 2018, were supported and complied with Postal Service guidelines.

The Postal Service has 50 authorized officer positions, including the postmaster general, deputy postmaster general, and all vice presidents. During FY 2018, the Postal Service had 41 active officers, including acting officers and one officer who participated full-time in an accredited degree program.

During FY 2018, 39 Postal Service officers filed 966 reimbursement requests totaling $961,372. We reviewed 60 reimbursements filed by these officers, totaling $88,356.

What the OIG Found

For the 60 travel and representation expense reimbursements reviewed, Postal Service officers properly supported the reimbursements and complied with Postal Service policies and procedures.

What the OIG Recommended

Based on the audit results, we did not offer any recommendations

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  • anon

    This is a very good accounting of our Postal dollars

    Dec 20, 2018