The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) reviews decision analysis reports (DAR) in advance of Investment Review Committee (IRC) meetings to determine whether the requested investments are reasonable business decisions or are in the best interest of the Postal Service. The purpose of this memorandum is to summarize the business process issues that the OIG identified during fiscal year (FY) 2016.

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  • anon

    Oig inspector the fiscal year of 2016 as a carrier I have seen so much waste overtime hours that were given out to certainly employees causes they were friends of manager's in the city of Memphis we doesn't have a very outstanding area manager for this city I prayer that postmaster general Brennan would choose an outside area manager from another state for the city of Memphis our fiscal year could have been a little bit better don't get me wrong some postal office in the city of Memphis probably need a lot of overtime but I will use AMC station for example some days this station didn't require overtime the days it did manager's had they picks who were friends of their and when overtime weren't required they still have out free overtime to their friends my request that oig inspection started audit these station on a monthly base it's a waste of time writing down parcels or mail count's managers in this station put down what they want you to have we have one of the worsted t six in the whole district no matter what vehicle she use she will damaged that vehicle to get free overtime from manager's they give it to her caused you have managers in Amc that doesn't what so ever say anything to union steward to keep grievances down that not good business I have seen first class mail delayed do to the fact that MANAGERS can not get their carrier's out of the office my voice may not matters on yesterday the supervisor which love to Nick pic on certainly carrier's got in to a loud arguments on the workplace place floor number one it were embarrassed customers up front employees on the floor the same supervisor that want to pick up a chair and hit me side my head its doe's not do any good to call the postmaster office we don't have a voice with the area manager in charge its come down to been more abused by managers in the workplace the conflicts were about overtime they were allowed certainly people's to get free overtime but now since the holidays are over with they can't cover up the overtime it's ABUSEd they people's like me who might ask for twenty minutes they want approved but have more mail and parcels then the person they give it to Memphis TN need to oig inspection auditor check on MANAGERS in this city yes there is abused they need to do a monthly walk through these station after the carrier leave and when they returned we not have the man power to do so we will consult loose money due to managers take care of they so call friends we just had two carrier s to get rob this pass two weeks they claim they don't have manager's riding in their personal cars they do c135180 we as carriers are not safe on the street due to upper management who do not like certainly carrier's a copy cat will watch everything that going on out there on the street we are not safe and that blamed goes on two others area manager's who have been so low towards employees if a voice is hear from this report today make a change in manager's supervisors in this city our Eastern district need to look at 2916 overtime reports look at the volume and look at who were able to carry all their mail within the eight hour and parcels caused we as me weren't allowed no overtime and I am not the only one who's not on the overtime lists but I do my work for the lord not man but prayer that the abused from manager's will stop and I prayer's that someone will look into what going on in the city of Memphis no we may not be broke but we could have profitable more I had in the pass six months eight new business to move in I couldn't get not one manager's to do a customer connect on my routes only things important to them is who they can abused

    Jan 19, 2017