The U.S. Postal Service considers mail to be delayed when it is not processed in time to meet the established delivery day. Delayed mail can adversely affect Postal Service customers and harm the organization’s brand.

The Postal Service launched the Mail Condition Visualization (MCV) system in January 2019. The application’s intent is to provide near real-time visibility of a facility’s on-hand volume, delayed inventory volume, delayed dispatch volume, and oldest mail date by mail category and processing operation. MCV receives data from handheld devices used in mail processing operations, Surface Visibility scans, and mailer documentation. The MCV application calculates delayed mail inventory daily by determining the number of mailpieces that have not received their next expected processing operation scan by 6:59 a.m. for destinating final processing operations and by 6:00 a.m. for all other operations.

Two important processing operations are the Managed Mail Program and Delivery Point Sequence (DPS). Mail originating from one mail processing facility that requires additional processing at a destinating facility before delivery is part of the Managed Mail Program. Once the managed mail is processed, it is prepared for DPS, which is an automated process of sorting mail into delivery order by carrier routes. DPS requires sorting the mail twice, with a first pass used to scan the addresses and then a second pass to sort the mail to the sector, segment, or carrier walk sequence.

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  • anon

    This place is absolute trash. "Priority Express 2 Day" mail is ALWAYS delayed here. It spents a minimum of 3 days at this site before moving EVERY SINGLE TIME. Worst distribution center in the whole US.

    Feb 04, 2022
  • anon

    i’ve called multiple times because my mail never arrived and i sent it out in july. Never heard back and one of the employees stole my money orders

    Jan 05, 2022
  • anon

    I put a letter with a contribution into the inside mail slot at the Santa Ana Distribution center on August 18th for the Larry Elder campaign. I'm writing this on September 12. As of this date the Elder Campaign has not received my letter. This is the first time that I've had a letter significantly delayed or lost when using that facility. I'm concerned that my wife and my recall ballots may also have been "lost or delayed".

    Sep 12, 2021
  • anon

    Read Page 6 Management's comments.... They are proud that their targeted clearance times are well above the national average.... But the paragraph just above explains how they get those times.....The plant will cut off the secondary and tertiary runs of DPD and just says, oh well, to the post offices who now have to manually do that sorting. That sorting which is the plant's job.... Plant management says they are well versed in all your programs...Yup, and they game them to look good and then send their problems downstream... Go ahead and not post this and tell me my post is out of bounds....It is not... It is with it please and help this plants customers...

    May 26, 2021
  • anon

    Now the plant needs tracking done on it's on management Pay-For-Performance (or in this case, non-performance) bonus program.

    May 27, 2021