Our objective was to review and assess the effectiveness of management’s controls over reporting accidents.

Postal Service management is responsible and accountable for the prevention of accidents and responsible for controlling losses, such as ensuring quality of performance and operating within cost and budget guidelines. Management’s role is to share responsibility for the safety and health of employees.

The Employee Health and Safety (EHS) application is used to enter and manage accident, injury, and claim information related to vehicle and industrial incidents. The application included information for 455,099 accidents from fiscal years (FY) 2016 to 2020, of which 144,607 (32 percent) were motor vehicle accidents and 310,492 (68 percent) were industrial accidents.

The Injury Compensation Performance Analysis System (ICPAS) identifies workers compensation costs associated with employee injuries. The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employees’ Compensation Operations and Management Portal (ECOMP) allows federal workers and their employers to electronically file workers compensation forms.

The Solution for Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) application is used to manage vehicle maintenance, repair, and work orders. Over the same five-year time period, accident-related repair work totaled 147,192 orders and cost about $129.9 million.

The National Performance Assessment (NPA) application collects performance-related metrics from source systems across the organization. These metrics are translated into web-based balanced scorecards that can be used to monitor performance. One of these metrics is the “Total Accidents” indicator, which measures the total count of all accidents in order to achieve established targets to reduce accidents. Of all the NPA indicators, “Total Accidents” is one of the more heavily weighted in the NPA scorecard in determining facility and supervisor overall performance score.


We found that the Postal Service did not always effectively manage controls over reporting motor vehicle and industrial accidents. Supervisors did not always report or timely report motor vehicle and industrial accidents in EHS during FYs 2016 through 2020. We found accident-related motor vehicle work orders did not always have corresponding accident reports in EHS, and accidents were not reported in EHS within 24 hours of notification of the accident/injury. Further, management did not always perform or have an efficient process in place to reconcile and track accident-related activity to identify unreported personal injuries. Specifically,

  • Of the 147,192 nationwide accident repair-related work orders completed in SEAM, 108,126 (73 percent) did not have corresponding accident reports in EHS. Also, there were 23,301 (14 percent) accidents not reported in EHS within 24 hours of notification of the accident/injury. These accidents were reported from 2 to 1,185 days late. There were 1,329 instances where the accident was reported between 31 and 365 days after the event, and 75 instances where over 365 days had elapsed.
  • When we compared accidents in EHS to determine whether they were recorded in SEAM, we found 178,389 different motor vehicle and industrial accidents recorded in EHS involving 105,139 vehicles that were not reflected in SEAM repair work orders. This could indicate that damaged vehicles were not repaired or there may be miscoding issues.
  • The Postal Service’s reported personal injury industrial accidents decreased each fiscal year from 57,892 in FY 2016 to 46,589 in FY 2020. However, it was difficult to determine whether it was due to implemented safety procedures or unreported accidents because EHS and ICPAS did not interface with one another and we were unable to identify a unique identifier shared by both systems that would assist in reconciling the data.
  • In discussions with eight districts, safety management did not conduct reconciliations between accident information in EHS and accident-related vehicle repairs in SEAM to identify unreported accidents or efficiently reconcile industrial personal injury accidents with injury claims to identify unreported personal injuries.

These conditions occurred due to a variety of reasons, such as unclear or contradictory guidance; and limitations within systems used to track accident, injury, claim, maintenance, and repair information.

Not reporting accidents or injuries in EHS may lead to inaccurate NPA “Total Accidents” indicator scores for facilities, which undermines management’s ability to accurately recognize performance. Additionally, unreported damage to vehicles could lead to unrepaired vehicles, drivers operating vehicles with undetected safety hazards, and a poor reflection on the Postal Service’s brand and image to the public. Furthermore, by not reconciling and tracking accident-related activity, it was impossible for management to accurately manage motor vehicle repair costs stemming from accidents. As a result of accident-related work orders in SEAM not having a corresponding accident report in EHS, we estimated the Postal Service incurred over $5.6 million annually in unsupported questioned costs.

The Postal Service’s Delivering for America: Our Vision and Ten-Year Plan to Achieve Financial Sustainability and Service Excellence (Ten-Year Plan), released March 23, 2021, emphasizes its goal to enhance safety programs that includes empowering employees to identify, record, and report safety concerns in real time with a goal of reducing all accidents (motor vehicle and industrial). These issues, if addressed, will help accomplish that goal.


We recommended management:

  • Reiterate to all employees to promptly notify their supervisor if involved in a work-related accident, regardless of severity; and to all supervisors to report all accidents in EHS within 24 hours of the accident/injury or notification.
  • Review, update, and communicate policies and procedures related to accident reporting to ensure they accurately and clearly reflect the accident reporting processes.
  • Identify solutions to interface EHS and SEAM; or implement an automated reconciliation process between EHS and SEAM, and EHS and ECOMP to ensure all motor vehicle and personal injury industrial accidents, respectively, are reported and recorded. 
  • Reiterate and provide training to vehicle maintenance facility personnel on the process to modify individual line items on work orders in SEAM to differentiate between scheduled maintenance and accident-related repairs.
  • Identify ways to actively manage corrective actions to verify and ensure completion when employees are involved in an accident.

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  • anon

    a USPS truck hit my car back in APRIL 2022 and I have left 40 m essages for usps to respond and fix my car. NO ONE returns my frigging calls. My insurance agent has called them and they refuse to acknowledge the accident or tell me how to proceed i am so pissed off right now. unbeliveable they are getitng away with this shit. do i need to get a frigging lawyer.. or what thanks laura dill

    Jul 22, 2022
  • anon

    I wanted to report an auto accident with USPS.

    Jun 27, 2022
  • anon

    My vechile was backed into while it was stationary. I was driving behind the carrier when he abruptly stopped on the side of the road, I stopped behind him a good distance to avoid driving into the oncoming lane and did not pass him because I knew he would he exiting the postal van. He then proceeded to back up at an aggressive speed into the front of my car, which I later learned was because he had driven past his delivery. I called the local police to the scene and even waited for the postmaster or on staff supervisor to arrive and take pictures. I called the next possible day (being that it happened on a Sunday and the next day was a federal holiday) ... I gave all my information, it has been four days and I still have my unsafe and immobile car parked which I need in order to drive to work ... I have not received any further contact from the postmaster. I am in possession of the police report.. I am filing this complaint in hopes that somebody responds and helps me remedy the damage or replacement of my vechile before I have to take further legal action. This is whole situation is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety and I would love to have it resolved. Thank you.

    Jun 22, 2022
  • anon

    Our client was involved in an accident with a postal vehicle, we need to know where to send letter of attorney representation. I appreciate your response.

    Apr 26, 2022
  • anon

    My car was hit at a stop light by a USPS truck and they provided me a bunch of out of service numbers. I have no where to call to even file this report. No one has reached out and I don’t even know when someone will reach out.

    Apr 25, 2022
  • anon

    Hi there, My car was hit I believe by the mail truck according to my camera while my car was parked outside my house. I did not get notified or anything and I have called my city USPS office and it sounds like they won't do anything. I am also having trouble speaking with someone about this matter. I don't know what number is the right one or to speak with corporate. The supervisor in my city is so unprofessional and sounds like he don't really care about this situation. I am so stressed out and really dislike their service.

    Jun 02, 2022
  • anon

    I have the same issue. Yesterday our parked vehicle was badly damaged by a usps driver. What do we do?

    Jun 05, 2022
  • anon

    mail truck 0222803 on 4/17 at around 3:45 pm swerved into my lane causing me to have to swerve to avoid being hit, my car did a180 and I was facing oncoming traffic. my front end of my car is messed up and I am beyond shaken by the experience. we ended up facing oncoming traffic on the highway. I followed the mail truck and got a picture of his truck. he was motioning that he was sorry but sorry isn't good enough. we spun out at highway speed and really thought we were going to die. I can't even drive now without a panic attack please help

    Apr 20, 2022
  • anon

    A postal truck driver totaled my vehicle and was found at fault. I need to know how to file a report so I can be reimbursed. This is causing serious financial burden on my husband and I and I need a quick turn around. Thank you.

    Mar 03, 2022
  • anon

    I cut my foot on a rusted piece of medal at your Keaau Hi facility this morning. It happened at approximately 10 AM while waiting getting in line to wait to enter the facility to pick up my mail. The clerk came outside to put a package in a PO BOX and I showed her the open wound and where it was caught on. The Postmaster came out and saw both my foot and the metal piece. I told him I hoped I didn't get tetanus from it and he said "You could" and shrugged his shoulders. I am reporting this to you should I do suffer from tetanus. Gail Lakritz 2/14/2022

    Feb 14, 2022
  • anon

    Us postal service truck got stuck in my yard had to be dug out however destroyed my yard1/11/22

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  • anon

    This past Saturday a postal truck struck my vehicle in my own driveway but didn't even so much as leave a note. They just took off! This is unacceptable!

    Nov 10, 2021
  • anon

    I was injured at a Post Office delivering pallets, due to a lift not working and cutting my hand on pallet jack. I had to receive stitches and couldn't wok for a month. I have called the post office the injury occurred at tge no avail. The post office is 705 Oak Circle Mobile Al

    Oct 27, 2021
  • anon

    Was currently in an incident with 2 other employees dated 8/29/21. Misled paperwork was written on date of incident without union rep/shop steward. New paperwork was rewritten 8/31/2021 with medical documentation of er from all 3 employees to union. Physical therapy was started the following day on 9/1/21 and all 3 employees was put on leave from medical doctor on 9/1/21-9/14/21 and as of now 9/14/21-9/30/21 until further medical exams are done. As 9/15/21 we have no receieved any form of communication about the incident. What are the next steps to do ?

    Sep 15, 2021
  • anon

    NMB post office truck hit my car DORA cepero 3615 ne 167 st north M Beach On 04/28/2021 at this time my car still with the damage nobody call me to fix my cat is very sad I need help

    Sep 11, 2021
  • anon

    I was riding my bike to work stopped at a crosswalk because I saw the mail truck coming towards me he stopped at the stop sign looked both ways I thaught he looked right at me and he was stopped so I got on my bike to cross in front of him and he gunned it and hit me the side mirror caught my shoulder and knocked me off he jumped out said are you ok I said I think so and he jumped in the mail truck and raced off! Two days later with my collarbone broken I called the post office got the postmaster to see if he had even told anyone he hit me he hadn't so I made a verbal report a couple days later I got a call from the postmaster said he admitted hitting me and thier insurance co would be getting hold of me nothing happened so I got an attorney and they told the attorney that I was at fault that I had ran into the truck totally lied so I dropped it because I had alot to deal with in my life at the time but I still have pain in my collarbone and I think it's a shame that they covered for him like that and straight lied knowing that he hit me and hurt me I also have witnesses that are blown away especially because I let it go! Lincoln, ca. Post office crooked as they could be!

    Sep 06, 2021
  • anon

    Mail driver 3314664 driving extremely discourteous in Central la literally throwing mail into roadside mail boxes, August 27, 2021. Every time I attempted to pass his truck, he would speed off as fast as he could and he would not clear the street as much as possible. He should not be allowed to drive a a postal truck for USPS. He could cause a serious accident. Thanks Ms JoyceTims

    Aug 27, 2021
  • anon

    I was assaulted today by two of your workers one of which is a supervisor at the post office cliffdale raid post office today. I am pursuit of pressing g assault charges, please assist.

    Aug 27, 2021