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02/13/2012 The USPS Global Card: A Conceptual Analysis of a Smart Card Platform White Papers RARC-WP-12-006 Strategy & Investments
02/09/2012 21st Century Post Office - Opportunities to Share Excess Resources Audit Reports DA-MA-12-003 Facilities
02/02/2012 Postal Vehicle Service Transportation Routes-Margaret L. Sellers Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NL-AR-12-001 Transportation / Vehicles
02/02/2012 Domestic Mail Manual Preparation and Acceptance Mail Instructions Audit Reports CI-AR-12-004 Innovation
01/27/2012 Revenue, Pieces, and Weight Inputs into the Cost and Revenue Analysis Report Audit Reports CRR-AR-12-003 Finance
01/23/2012 21st Century Post Office - Aligning with the National Broadband Infrastructure Audit Reports DA-MA-12-002 Strategy & Investments
01/20/2012 Consolidation of Mail Processing Operations at the Mansfield, OH Customer Service Mail Processing Center Audit Reports NO-AR-12-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
01/20/2012 FY 2011 Financial Testing Compliance Oversight Reviews Audit Reports FI-MA-12-003 Finance
01/18/2012 FY 2011 Postal Service Financial Statements Audit - San Mateo Accounting Service Center Audit Reports FT-AR-12-009 Finance
01/18/2012 FY 2011 Postal Service Financial Statements Audit - St. Louis Information Technology Accounting Center Audit Reports FT-AR-12-010 Finance
01/12/2012 Mail Verification Procedures at Detached Mail Units Audit Reports MS-AR-12-002 Delivery / Mail Processing
01/10/2012 Bad Check Prevention and Collection Audit Reports FI-AR-12-002 Security
01/09/2012 U.S. Postal Service Past Network Optimization Initiatives Audit Reports CI-AR-12-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
12/28/2011 Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Audit Reports FI-AR-12-001 Customer Service
12/19/2011 Innovation Best Practices Analysis Audit Reports CI-AR-12-001 Innovation


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