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08/27/2008 Vehicle Management - National Trailer Lease Renewal - Eastern Area Audit Reports NL-AR-08-005 Transportation / Vehicles
08/25/2008 Controls Over the International Reconciliation System Audit Reports CRR-AR-08-006 International Services
08/25/2008 Contract Oversight of Highway Transportation Contracts in the Southeast Area Audit Reports CA-AR-08-009 Contracting
08/22/2008 Fiscal Year 2008 Capital Metro Area SmartPay Purchase Card Program Audit Reports FF-AR-08-270 Finance
08/22/2008 Security Clearances for Postal Service Employees Audit Reports SA-AR-08-013 Security
08/21/2008 Federal Employees' Retirement System Contribution Rates Audit Reports FT-AR-08-011 Finance
08/18/2008 Regatta Annex Lease Audit Reports SA-AR-08-011 Facilities
08/14/2008 Delayed Mail at the North Texas Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-08-006 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/14/2008 Application Control Review of the Time and Attendance collection System Audit Reports IS-AR-08-014 Human Resources
08/14/2008 Vehicle Maintenance Facilities - Scheduled Maintenance Service in the Southwest Area Audit Reports DR-AR-08-006 Transportation / Vehicles
08/11/2008 Management Advisory Report - In-Office Cost System Phone Readings Additional Analysis Audit Reports ESS-MA-08-001 Cost & Pricing
08/07/2008 Equipment Maintenance in the Fort Worth District Audit Reports DA-AR-08-009 Facilities
08/05/2008 Mail Condition Reporting at International Service Centers Capping Report Audit Reports NO-AR-08-005 International Services
07/31/2008 Business Mail Entry Unit Sampling and Verification Procedures Audit Reports MS-AR-08-005 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/30/2008 Mgmt of DPS Percentage Increases for City Delivery - SE Area, Atlanta District Audit Reports DR-AR-08-005 Cost & Pricing


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