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08/07/2015 Oversight of Expense Purchase Cards Audit Reports SM-AR-15-006 Finance
08/05/2015 Use of Leased Fleet Trailers – Northeast Area Audit Reports NO-AR-15-009 Transportation / Vehicles
08/04/2015 Election Mail Opportunities Audit Reports MS-AR-15-007 Strategy & Investments
08/03/2015 The Internet of Postal Things White Papers RARC-WP-15-013 Innovation
07/27/2015 Issue Brief: Rethinking the Parcel Delivery Value Chain: A Recap of the International Roundtable OIG Briefs RARC-IB-15-005 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/24/2015 City Delivery Office Efficiency – Connecticut Valley District Audit Reports DR-AR-15-008 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/22/2015 Highway Contract Routes-Extra Trips in the Greater South Carolina District Audit Reports NO-AR-15-008 Transportation / Vehicles
07/22/2015 Issue Brief: The Postal Service's Role in Delivering Wellness Services and Supplies OIG Briefs RARC-IB-15-004 Innovation
07/22/2015 Officer Compensation for Calendar Year 2014 Audit Reports FT-AR-15-009 Finance
07/21/2015 Retail Systems Software-Business Process Controls Audit Reports FT-AR-15-008 Retail, Sales & Marketing
07/17/2015 U.S. Postal Service Cybersecurity Functions Audit Reports IT-AR-15-008 Security
07/16/2015 Management Alert - Philatelic Initiatives Audit Reports FT-MA-15-007 Finance
07/14/2015 Management Alert – Management of Unauthorized Software Audit Reports IT-MA-15-003 Technology
07/13/2015 Software Development Processes Audit Reports IT-AR-15-006 Technology
07/13/2015 Software Inventory Management – Greater Boston District Audit Reports IT-AR-15-007 Technology


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