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08/09/2007 Application Control Review of Oracle Accounts Payable - Feeder Systems Audit Reports IS-AR-07-014 Finance
08/06/2007 State of Information Technology Within the Postal Service Audit Reports IS-MA-07-001 Technology
08/06/2007 Management Operating Data System Audit Reports MS-AR-07-003 Technology
08/06/2007 Mail Processing at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-07-007
08/02/2007 Commodity Sourcing Activities Within the Automation Cateogry Management Center Audit Reports CA-MA-07-005
07/31/2007 Great Lakes Facilities Service Office Use of the Parsons Indefinite Quantity Contract Audit Reports CA-MA-07-004 Facilities
07/26/2007 Infrastructure and Realignment of the U.S. Postal Service Congressional Testimonies
07/19/2007 Oral Statement On Contracting Out of Services by the USPS Congressional Testimonies
07/18/2007 Bronx, New York Processing and Distribution Center Consolidation Audit Reports EN-AR-07-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/17/2007 Enterprise Architecture in Postal Service Engineering Audit Reports DA-MA-07-001 Facilities
07/13/2007 Review of the Postal Service's Refund Process - Capital Metro Area Audit Reports DR-AR-07-011 Retail, Sales & Marketing
07/11/2007 Handling of a Suspicious Powder Incident at the Wichita Falls Mail Processing Center Audit Reports SA-AR-07-005 Security
07/09/2007 Voyager Card Program - Post Office Audit Reports CA-AR-07-006 Finance
06/26/2007 Color-Coding of Standard Mail at the Mobile Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-MA-07-002 Delivery / Mail Processing
06/26/2007 Area Mail Processing Initiation Process Audit Reports EN-MA-07-001 Delivery / Mail Processing


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