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05/07/2010 Capital Metro Area Delivery Barcode Sorters Equipment Utilization Audit Reports DA-AR-10-002 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/04/2010 Des Moines Network Distribution Center Congressional Request Audit Reports EN-MA-10-003 Facilities
05/04/2010 Certification and Accreditation Process Audit Reports IS-AR-10-008 Innovation
04/26/2010 Function 4 Overtime Audit Reports MS-AR-10-002 Human Resources
04/22/2010 Oral Statement on the Future of the U.S. Postal Service Congressional Testimonies
04/19/2010 Network Security Assessment of the National Customer Support Center Audit Reports IS-AR-10-007 Customer Service
04/15/2010 Oral Statement on Continuing to Deliver Congressional Testimonies
04/12/2010 Officer Compensation for Calendar Year 2009 Audit Reports FT-WP-10-001 Finance
03/31/2010 Color-Coding of Standard Mail and Mail Condition Reporting at the Albany Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-10-005 Facilities
03/31/2010 Assessment of Collaborative Logistics LTL Proposal Audit Reports RARC-WP-10-003
03/31/2010 Assessment of Collaborative Logistics/Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Proposal White Papers RARC-WP-10-003 Transportation / Vehicles
03/31/2010 FY 2009 Information Sysems General Computer Controls Capping Report Audit Reports IS-AR-10-005
03/31/2010 Continuing Use of Carrier Sequence Barcode Sorter Machines at Delivery Units Audit Reports DR-AR-10-004
03/29/2010 Powered Industrial Vehicle Management System at the Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-10-004
03/24/2010 Windows Access Controls at the Information Technology and Accounting Service Centers Audit Reports IS-AR-10-006


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