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01/04/2013 Postal Service Board of Governors' Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses for FY 2012 Audit Reports FT-AR-13-008 Finance
01/03/2013 Caller and Reserve Service Operations Audit Reports DP-AR-13-001 Retail, Sales & Marketing
12/24/2012 Workers Compensation Data Systems Audit Reports HR-AR-13-001 Technology
12/20/2012 Federal Express Air Transportation Container Weights Audit Reports NO-MA-13-002 Contracting
12/20/2012 Postal Service Financial Statements- San Mateo Audit Reports FT-AR-13-006 Finance
12/17/2012 Accenture Federal Services Contracts Audit Reports SM-MA-13-001 Contracting
12/17/2012 FY12 Postal Service Financial Statements Audit - St Louis Accounting Services Audit Reports FT-AR-13-005 Finance
12/17/2012 Customer Service Feedback Audit Reports NO-MA-13-001 Customer Service
12/17/2012 Survey of Environmental Compliance and Sustainablity Audit Reports HR-MA-13-001 Facilities
12/11/2012 Officers' Travel and Representation Expenses for FY 2012 Audit Reports FT-AR-13-004 Finance
12/06/2012 Delivery Unit Optimization Initiative Audit Reports MS-AR-13-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
12/04/2012 Causes of the Postal Service FERS Surplus – Update White Papers RARC-WP-13-002 Finance
11/16/2012 Opinion of Special Purpose Financial Statements Audit Reports FT-AR-13-003 Finance
10/19/2012 Officer Compensation for Calendar Year 2011 Audit Reports FT-AR-13-001 Finance
10/16/2012 Causes of the Postal Service FERS Surplus White Papers RARC-WP-13-001 Finance


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