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12/10/2003 Compendium of Prior Audits Addressing the Postal Service-s Injury Compensation Program Audit Reports HM-OT-04-002 Human Resources
12/12/2003 Comparison of Retirement Benefits to Workers- Compensation Benefits for Employees on the Periodic Roll Audit Reports HM-AR-04-001 Human Resources
12/18/2003 Managment Advisory - Self Service Platform Audit Reports DA-MA-04-001 Customer Service
12/24/2003 Efficiency of Work Performed by Clerks in the Southern Maryland Business Mail Entry Unit Audit Reports NO-AR-04-001 Human Resources
12/24/2003 Pacific Area-s Equal Employment Opportunity Monetary Settlement Process Audit Reports HM-AR-04-002 Human Resources
12/26/2003 Efficiency of Work Performed by Clerks in the Columbia, Maryland, Business Mail Entry Unit Audit Reports NO-AR-04-002 Human Resources
12/30/2003 Military Mail Issues During Operation Iraqi Freedom Audit Reports NO-AR-04-003 International Services
12/30/2003 Postal Service-s December 2000 Equal Employment Opportunity Settlement Policy Audit Reports HM-AR-04-003 Human Resources
01/08/2004 Postal Service-s Equal Employment Opportunity Audit Reports HM-AR-04-004 Human Resources
01/09/2004 Realty Asset Management Program Audit Reports CA-MA-04-002 Facilities
01/13/2004 Vehicle Storage - Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Wash. DC Audit Reports NL-MA-04-001 Transportation / Vehicles
01/13/2004 Express Mail Processing in the Los Angeles District Audit Reports NO-MA-04-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
01/30/2004 Postal Service-s Death Benefit Payments to Decedent-s Survivor(s) - Phase II Audit Reports HM-MA-04-001 Human Resources
02/04/2004 Postal Service-s Rehabilitation Program for the Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego Performance Clusters Audit Reports HM-AR-04-005 Human Resources
02/06/2004 Management Advisory - Labor Scheduler Program Phase 1 Audit Reports DA-MA-04-002 Human Resources


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