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08/19/2019 Management Advisory – Virtual Private Network Access Audit Reports IT-MA-19-001 Technology
08/16/2019 Local Purchases and Payments: Miscellaneous - Garland and North Garland, TX Audit Reports FCS-FM-19-018 Finance
08/15/2019 Physical and Environmental Controls Site Security Review – Summary Report Audit Reports IT-AR-19-004 Security
08/08/2019 Local Purchases and Payments – Miscellaneous Services – Denver, CO, General Mail Facility Station Audit Reports FCS-FM-19-017 Finance
08/06/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Broadview Station, Atlanta, GA Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-014 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/06/2019 Postage and Fee Refunds – Bellmawr, NJ, Main Window Audit Reports FCS-FM-19-016 Finance
07/31/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Pleasant Hill Station, Des Moines, IA Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-013 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/31/2019 Military and Diplomatic Mail Service Audit Reports MS-AR-19-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/25/2019 Customer Service Meeting Expenses – Freedom Station, Charlotte, NC Audit Reports FCS-FM-19-015 Finance
07/25/2019 Delivery Scanning Issues – Surprise Branch, Surprise, AZ Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-012 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/19/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Cedar Elm Station San Antonio, TX Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-011 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/19/2019 Management Alert – Commercial Air Contractor Scanning Audit Reports NL-MT-19-001 Transportation / Vehicles
07/17/2019 Internal Controls Over No Sale Transactions Audit Reports FT-AR-19-007 Finance
07/12/2019 Delivery Issues – Westside Station, Tallahassee, FL Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-010 Delivery / Mail Processing
07/12/2019 Advance Electronic Data Holds and Reliability Audit Reports MS-AR-19-002 Retail, Sales & Marketing


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