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09/25/2020 U.S. Postal Service OIG Shutdown Plan - FY2021 Other
09/21/2020 Generation Z and the Mail White Papers RISC-WP-20-009 Retail, Sales & Marketing
09/16/2020 Package Delivery in Rural and Dense Urban Areas White Papers RISC-WP-20-008 Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
09/16/2020 Efficiency and Safety of Lift Gates Audit Reports 20-203-R20 Transportation / Vehicles
09/14/2020 Next Generation Connectivity: Postal Service Roles in 5G and Broadband Deployment White Papers RISC-WP-20-007 Retail, Sales & Marketing
09/11/2020 Independent Report to OPM - Employee Benefits, Withholdings, Contributions, Supplemental Semiannual Headcount Reporting Audit Reports 20-224-R20 Human Resources
09/10/2020 Recovery for Private Party Damage to Postal Service Vehicles Audit Reports 20-177-R20 Transportation / Vehicles
09/10/2020 The U.S. Postal Service and Emergency Response: A History of Delivering for the American Public White Papers RISC-WP-20-006 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/10/2020 Negotiated Service Agreement – Contract #50593050 Audit Reports 20-206-R20 Contracting
09/04/2020 Former Postal Worker Sentenced for Stealing Cash from Mail at Sweet Grass Post Office News Releases
09/03/2020 District’s Stamp Stock Shipments’ Claims for Losses Audit Reports 20-249-R20 Finance
08/31/2020 Arrow Key Management Controls Audit Reports 19-033-R20 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/31/2020 Processing Readiness of Election and Political Mail During the 2020 General Elections Audit Reports 20-225-R20 Election and Political Mail, Service Performance
08/25/2020 Assessment of Overtime Activity Audit Reports 20-209-R20 Human Resources
08/24/2020 Business Application Review of the HERO System Audit Reports 19-016-R20 Technology


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