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10/22/2020 Former CEO Sentenced to Jail in Connection with Drug Safety Claims News Releases
10/21/2020 Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Costs Audit Reports 19-009-R21 Cost & Pricing
10/19/2020 Operational Changes to Mail Delivery Audit Reports 20-292-R21 Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
10/14/2020 Former Postal Worker Sentenced for Stealing Over 400 Mobile Phones from the Mail News Releases
10/08/2020 Stamps, Money Orders, and Cash – Newark, OH, Post Office Audit Reports 20-306-R21 Finance
10/07/2020 Stamps, Money Orders, and Cash – High Shoals, NC, Post Office Audit Reports 20-280-R21 Finance
10/02/2020 Management Alert – Property Condition Issues at Spring Garden Station Audit Reports 20-293-R21 Facilities
10/02/2020 Physical Therapy Providers Settle Civil Healthcare Fraud Allegations News Releases
10/01/2020 Automated Delivery Unit Sorter Cost Savings Audit Reports 20-095-R21 Delivery / Mail Processing, Service Performance
09/30/2020 Payments to Injured Employees Audit Reports 20-156-R20 Finance
09/30/2020 Air Cargo Contract Compliance Audit Reports 20-127-R20 Finance, Service Performance
09/30/2020 Military, Diplomatic, and Other International Election Mail Audit Reports 20-271-R20 Election and Political Mail, Service Performance
09/30/2020 Implementing Advanced Electronic Data: Challenges and Opportunities White Papers RISC-WP-20-010 Security
09/30/2020 Relocation Benefits Program Audit Reports 20-126-R20 Finance
09/29/2020 Global Positioning System for Highway Contract Routes Audit Reports 20-198-R20 Transportation / Vehicles, Service Performance


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