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09/29/2000 Review of the Violence Prevention and Response Programs in Mississippi Audit Reports LB-AR-00-004 Human Resources
09/28/2000 Miscellaneous Relocation Expense Payments Audit Reports FT-AR-00-001 Finance
09/28/2000 S Jersey Performance Cluster's Process for Administering Continuation of Pay Leave Audit Reports HC-AR-00-001 Human Resources
09/28/2000 Lancaster Performance Cluster's Process for Administering Continuation of Pay Leave Audit Reports HC-AR-00-003 Human Resources
09/28/2000 Audit of New Construction Owned Audit Reports FA-AR-00-003 Facilities
09/05/2000 USPS eBillPay Security and Privacy Issues Audit Reports EC-AR-00-001 Security
08/29/2000 Management Reassignment Actions Audit Reports LB-MA-00-001 Human Resources
08/29/2000 Inspection Service Self-Referral Counseling Program Audit Reports OV-AR-00-001 Human Resources
08/29/2000 Use of Chauffeur-Driven Vehicles by Postal Service Executives Audit Reports TR-AR-00-010 Transportation / Vehicles
08/25/2000 Review of Area Case Investigations Audit Reports OV-MA-00-003 Strategy & Investments
07/31/2000 Economic Value Added Variable Pay Program Audit Reports LB-AR-00-001 Finance
07/28/2000 Review of Influence of Postal Service Officials on Contractors' Employment Audit Reports CA-LA-00-002 Contracting
07/27/2000 Extra Trips Expenditures within the Mid-Atlantic Area Audit Reports TR-AR-00-009 Transportation / Vehicles
07/17/2000 Review of Postal Inspection Service Forensic Scientist Salaries Audit Reports OV-MA-00-002 Human Resources
07/14/2000 Review of Minority Contracting Opportunities Under Advertising Contract Audit Reports CA-LA-00-001 Contracting


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