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09/27/2002 Statement Before the Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Congressional Testimonies Strategy & Investments
08/17/2010 Stations and Branches Optimizaton and Consolidation Initiative Audit Reports EN-AR-10-005 Facilities
01/28/2010 Statistical Testing at Postal Service Districts Audit Reports CRR-AR-10-001 Strategy & Investments
11/24/2008 Statistical Tests for Fiscal Year 2008 - Cost and Revenue Analysis Audit Reports FF-AR-09-024 Finance
09/29/2011 Statistical Tests for Fiscal Year 2011 Audit Reports FF-MA-11-168 Finance
02/19/2013 Statistical Tests for Fiscal Year 2012 Audit Reports FT-MA-13-009 Delivery / Mail Processing
11/20/2009 Statistical Tests for FY 2009 - Cost and Revenue Analysis Audit Reports FF-AR-10-015
09/14/2010 Statistical Tests for FY 2010 Audit Reports FF-AR-10-222 Finance
05/28/2008 Status of Intelligent Mail Enabling Infrastructure Audit Reports DA-AR-08-005(R) Technology
09/30/1998 Status of Management Actions Taken for USPS Reports on Labor Management Audit Reports PA-MA-98-004 Human Resources
04/11/2007 Status of the USPS Congressional Testimonies
03/20/2006 Status Report on the Evolutionary Network Development Initiative Audit Reports NO-MA-06-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
01/07/2010 Status Report on the Postal Service's Network Rationalization Initiatives Audit Reports EN-AR-10-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/26/2021 Step into Tomorrow: The U.S. Postal Service and Emerging Technology White Papers RISC-WP-21-007 Technology
03/30/2007 Steubenville - Youngstown, Ohio, Outgoing Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-07-003 Delivery / Mail Processing


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