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04/10/2009 Automated Flats Sorting Machine 100 Images - Security of Sensitive Customer Data Audit Reports DA-AR-09-008
05/13/2010 Automated Package Processing System Equipment Maintenance Opportunities Audit Reports DA-AR-10-003 Delivery / Mail Processing
01/26/2007 Automated Package Processing System Status and Administration Audit Reports DA-AR-07-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/18/2019 Automated Package Verification Audit Reports MS-AR-19-004 Retail, Sales & Marketing
12/21/2004 Automated Postal Center Program Management Audit Reports CA-AR-05-001 Cost & Pricing
09/15/2016 Automated Vehicle Utilization System Mileage Use – Pacific Area Audit Reports DR-AR-16-010 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/25/2017 Automated Vehicle Utilization System Mileage Use – Southern Area Audit Reports DR-AR-17-006 Delivery / Mail Processing
04/09/2018 Autonomous Mobile Robots and the Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-18-006 Innovation
10/02/2017 Autonomous Vehicles for the Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-18-001 Transportation / Vehicles
09/25/2013 Availability of Critical Applications Audit Reports IT-AR-13-008 Technology
06/17/2015 Award of Agilex Technologies, Inc. Contracts Audit Reports SM-AR-15-005 Contracting
06/04/2014 Award of the Diebold, Inc. Contract Audit Reports SM-AR-14-005 Contracting
11/23/1999 Back Pay Awards Audit Reports FR-FA-00-002 Finance
01/10/2012 Bad Check Prevention and Collection Audit Reports FI-AR-12-002 Security
03/06/2015 Badges for Postal Service Contractors Audit Reports HR-AR-15-004 Contracting


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